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Apple increases cellular download limit from 150MB to 200MB

Just a few days before a number of software updates are expected to be announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple says it has made a small tweak to iOS that could make it easier to download larger apps. The cellular download limit is being raised from 150MB to 200MB, the company said.

The change may seem small, but it essentially means that you’ll be able to download more large apps and games on a cellular network.

The limit is there for a good reason, but some might see this as not enough. The idea is that iOS is helping prevent you from accidentally downloading large apps on your data plan, and instead forcing you to wait until you’re on a Wi-Fi network. The problem for many, however, is that there’s no way to turn the feature off — so if you’re on the go and have unlimited data, you’re out of luck.

There are, of course, plenty of apps and games that are over that 200MB amount. The last time the limit was increased was September 2017, when it was raised from 100MB to 150MB.

As noted by 9to5Mac, you may still be able to download some apps that are labeled as being larger. That, however, doesn’t mean you’re bypassing the limit — it just means that you’re downloading an app that has been compressed, and that some assets, like iPad artwork that isn’t needed when you’re on an iPhone, have been removed. There could be a another reason the limit is in place — carriers don’t want users downloading massive files, even if the customers have access to unlimited data.

Of course, Apple could make it a whole lot easier for users who do have unlimited data or don’t mind downloading large apps. For example, there could be a warning to tell you that you’re about to download a large app, with the option to continue anyway. Or, a limit could be implemented by default, with an option in Settings to remove that limit if you want.

Still, barring any options or settings, an increase in the download limit is nice, especially for those with plenty of data to burn.

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