These 15 tips will help you navigate like a pro with Apple Maps

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Before Apple Maps came along, Google Maps was the default navigation app for iOS. It was a mammoth undertaking, but Apple was determined to create its own mapping solution. Back in 2012, Apple Maps officially replaced Google Maps on iOS products. While Apple Maps has a simple interface, there are plenty of features that are hidden away. Here are some Apple Maps tips that will help you become a pro, and get where you need to go.

How to search with one tap

apple maps tips nearby places

Nearby is one of the best features in Apple Maps. With Location Services enabled, tap on the search bar. You will see a pop up of places near you in several categories including Popular, Restaurants, Groceries, Fast Food, and more. You can also add Nearby to your widgets by swiping right, going to edit, and pressing the green plus sign to add it to the list.

How to drop a pin

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If your friends from out of town are coming to visit, you can use pins to help plan ahead. You can also use pins to mark a destination you need directions for. To drop a pin, simply tap and hold, and select Drop a Pin. When you create a new pin, you can add to Favorites, add to an Existing Contact, or easily Create New Contact.

How to remove a pin


Once you drop a pin, it can be a bit confusing to remove it if you’re new to Apple Maps on iOS 10. To remove a pin, simply tap on the pin, and tap Edit Location. Once there, you can move the map to relocate the pin, and on this screen at the bottom you will see Remove Marker. You can tap on this and your pin will be gone.

How to use Maps extensions


Some apps will work with Apple Maps. This integration will enhance your experience tremendously. As an example, let’s use the OpenTable reservation app. Make sure you go to Settings > Maps, and enable OpenTable under Extensions. Now when you search for a restaurant, you will see an option for reservations right there in the Maps app.

How to view reviews and other information


If you want to view more information on a business, Apple Maps will show you. Once you search for any business, swipe up on the search bar and you will see information, photos, reviews, contact details, and more. For some locations, it even gives you the choice to add photos.

How to find where you parked


Apple Maps gives you the ability to find where you parked your car in case you forget, and we’ve all been there. You’ll have to make sure some things are enabled for it to work. Firstly, your iPhone has to be paired with a car that has CarPlay or just connected through Bluetooth. Also, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services to make sure it’s turned on. While in Location Services, go to System Services, and turn on Frequent Locations. When your phone disconnects from your car, you will receive a notification and now Parked Car will show on the map.

How to use Satellite view for better walking directions


Since directions can sometimes be wrong and maps can be hard to read, you can enable a satellite view to better orientate yourself. To activate Satellite or Hybrid view, tap the i at the top right, and the Maps Settings will pop up. You can change your view here.

How to see traffic nearby

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Maps will let you know when there’s traffic, so you can see if there’s an accident or a slowdown. To be able to see real-time traffic information, tap i, and then make sure the Traffic toggle is on. If there’s traffic nearby, you’ll see orange and red lines. Orange lines show slow traffic, while red lines show stop-and-go traffic. If there’s traffic, Maps will provide alternative routes to help save you time.

How to activate compass mode

apple maps tips compass

If you plan to use the Apple Maps app to get a sense of direction, like when you go hiking or biking, you may want to make sure you enable compass mode. In compass mode, the map you are looking at in the Maps app will rotate based on your direction. To activate compass mode, be sure to tap on the Location icon at the top of the screen. Once you pinpoint your location, tap on it again, and compass mode will be activated.

How to ask Siri for directions

apple maps tips siri

No matter where you want to go, Siri can help you get to your destination. You can ask Siri to take you to the nearest grocery store, closest burger joint, or take you home. Press and hold the Home button on your iPhone, or say Hey Siri if you have Hey Siri activated, wait until you hear two quick beeps, and then tell Siri where you want to go.

How to Flyover cities in Apple Maps

apple maps tips flyover

When Apple Maps launched in 2012, the company introduced the Flyover feature, which allows users to explore views of cities or landmarks in 3D from the air. To use the Flyover feature in Apple Maps on your iOS device, simply open Apple Maps and type the name of the city or landmark you would like to explore. Tap on the result after entering the name of the city, and it will suggest a Flyover Tour. Simply tap the Flyover Tour button, and you will begin to tour the city or landmark from the sky. To return to your map from a Flyover Tour, simply tap the screen and select End at the bottom of your screen.

How to share locations

apple maps tips share location

With Apple Maps you can easily transfer locations between your iOS and OS X devices, or share with friends. From Apple Maps on iOS, simply swipe up, then tap the Share button. You will be given options to share via AirDrop, Messages, email, or social media services such as Facebook or Twitter. If you’d like to share your location with yourself, simply find your other devices through AirDrop, or try emailing or messaging yourself. If you have a group conversation going with friends, you can tap Details > Share My Location, choose how long to share your location for, and you’ll appear on their map.

How to export maps as PDFs


One of the best Apple Maps tips relates to the OS X edition, which offers the ability to export a map as a PDF. To export maps as PDFs, choose Export as PDF from the File menu. This feature provides a convenient way to print a physical map, especially if you need a copy of a map for functions like a wedding or a meeting, and you don’t want to have to rely on your phone.

How to adjust the volume

apple maps tips volume

While it’s a small feature, Apple Maps lets you adjust the volume of the voice giving you directions on your iPhone. Simply go to Settings, select Maps then Driving and Navigation, and you can adjust the volume of that trusty navigation voice, without adjusting the volume of anything else. You can also switch between miles and kilometers in the previous Maps menu.

How to clear your location history

apple maps tips clear history

If you don’t like Apple Maps keeping track of where you go, then you can easily clear your location history. Go to Settings, select Privacy, and then Location Services. Tap on System Services, which can be found at the bottom of the list, and then tap on Frequent Locations to see your travel history. You can clear your location history by tapping on Clear History at the bottom.

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