These 15 tips will help you navigate like a pro with Apple Maps

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Before Apple Maps came along, Google Maps was the default navigation app for iOS. It was a mammoth undertaking, but Apple was determined to create its own mapping solution. Back in 2012, Apple Maps officially replaced Google Maps on iOS products. While Apple Maps has a simple interface, there are plenty of features that are hidden away. Here are some Apple Maps tips that will help you become a pro, and get where you need to go.

How to search with one tap

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Nearby is one of the best features in Apple Maps. With Location Services enabled, tap on the search bar. You will see a pop up of places near you in several categories including Popular, Restaurants, Groceries, Fast Food, and more. You can also add Nearby to your widgets by swiping right, going to edit, and pressing the green plus sign to add it to the list.

How to drop a pin

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If your friends from out of town are coming to visit, you can use pins to help plan ahead. You can also use pins to mark a destination you need directions for. To drop a pin, simply tap and hold, and select Drop a Pin. When you create a new pin, you can add to Favorites, add to an Existing Contact, or easily Create New Contact.

How to remove a pin


Once you drop a pin, it can be a bit confusing to remove it if you’re new to Apple Maps on iOS 10. To remove a pin, simply tap on the pin, and tap Edit Location. Once there, you can move the map to relocate the pin, and on this screen at the bottom you will see Remove Marker. You can tap on this and your pin will be gone.

How to use Maps extensions


Some apps will work with Apple Maps. This integration will enhance your experience tremendously. As an example, let’s use the OpenTable reservation app. Make sure you go to Settings > Maps, and enable OpenTable under Extensions. Now when you search for a restaurant, you will see an option for reservations right there in the Maps app.

How to view reviews and other information


If you want to view more information on a business, Apple Maps will show you. Once you search for any business, swipe up on the search bar and you will see information, photos, reviews, contact details, and more. For some locations, it even gives you the choice to add photos.

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