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Apple readies for iTunes Festival with dedicated Apple TV channel and revamped app

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Apple’s free iTunes Festival, now in its seventh year, kicks off at the Roundhouse venue in London at the start of September, offering music fans 30 days of concerts from some 60 artists, including the likes of Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age, and Primal Scream. Even Elton John’s making time for it.

In preparation for the event, the Cupertino company has once again added the festival to its line-up of Apple TV channels, offering viewers the chance to enjoy live coverage of the London event together with limited-time on-demand replays of performances.


Don’t have Apple TV but still want to catch some shows? The Cupertino company’s revamped iTunes Festival app, rolled out Tuesday, will see to that, with live and recorded streams of a selection of performances offered throughout the month-long event.

The app also gives news updates and information on each artist, plus….what’s this? Handy links straight through to the iTunes store so you can buy your favorite tracks? Who would’ve expected that?

If you live locally, why not put your name forward for free tickets – just click on the app’s Win Tickets link found on each artist’s profile page and tap in your details. And then cross your fingers.

“Music fans around the world are going to love watching this incredible month of music, whether in London at the Roundhouse or on their iOS device,” Apple executive Eddy Cue said recently, at the same time promising this year’s event would be “the best ever”.

Lady Gaga is set to launch the festival at the start of September with “one hour of all new music”, according to one of her tweets.

[via MacRumors] [Top image: dwphotos / Shutterstock]

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