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AT&T offering free mobile to mobile

In the continuing AT&T saga, the carrier’s latest ploy to retain and gain customers is unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling. Starting tomorrow, AT&T customers who have an unlimited messaging and Nation or Family Talk plans will be able to dial any mobile number, regardless of the recipient’s carrier, without cutting into their minutes. AT&T’s new Mobile to Any Mobile offer will be available to both new and existing customers. Users with the carrier who are already eligible can go here to activate the service.

Unlimited messaging run users $20 a month, and a Family Talk plan is $30 a month. Both are likely to becoming increasingly popular due to the unrestricted mobile-to-mobile deal. It’s only one of the handful of AT&T offers that have cropped up lately, likely in response to the Verizon iPhone. The infamously unpopular network is reportedly toying with the idea of reinstating unlimited data plans for select iPhone customers, and recently announced it would be improving its tethering capabilities with a new Mobile Hotspot application. It remains to be seen if this will apply to the iPhone, however.

AT&T is also offering a trade-in program of old phones for AT&T credit that all consumers, regardless of carrier, can participate in.

The network is clearly pulling out all the stops as its elite relationship with Apple runs out, but it seems like nothing will be able to hinder the Verizon iPhone – pre-orders were full within 24 hours.

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