The best Galaxy S8 cases and covers to protect your device

In a galaxy of metal and glass smartphones, Samsung’s S8 stands out as a real head-turner. As outlined in our Galaxy S8 review, the gorgeous screen has curves in all the right places and has the skimpiest of bezels. It’s a great-looking phone, but it was not built to withstand the unforgiving, real world. Drop your S8 and you risk scuffs and dings in the metal frame, or worse, scratches or cracks in the screen that are pricey to repair. That said, you should really invest in some protection. Below are some of the best Galaxy S8 cases, many of which vary in shape and style. After you pick your case, you might be interested in the best Galaxy S8 accessories that aren’t cases.

Stylish and minimal Galaxy S8 cases

Peel Super Thin Case ($25)

Best Galaxy S8 cases - Peel case

The Galaxy S8 is such a sleek beauty that you might recoil at the thought of slapping a chunky, plastic case on it. That’s why Peel designed these svelte, minimalist shells — to provide a thin, 0.35-millimeter layer of protection without spoiling the feel or look of the phone. There are no loud logos here and all your phone’s buttons, ports, and other features, including the curved edges, are easily accessible. The Samsung logo shines through subtly on the gray and silver versions, or you can opt for a matte-black configuration.

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Case-Mate Brilliance Tough Case ($70)

Case-Mate Brilliance Tough Case

If you love sparkles, then this Galaxy S8 case is for you. Encrusted with real crystals and a metal accent, this eye-catching case comes in champagne, rose gold, or lace. You don’t have to sacrifice functionality for style, either, because this is a dual-layer case that meets military drop test standards. A few buyers have reported problems with lost crystals, but given it comes with a lifetime warranty, you can contact Case-Mate for a replacement if you run into any issues.

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Snakehive Pastel Collection Leather Wallet ($28)

best galaxy s8 cases Snakehive Pastel Collection Leather Wallet

Made from beautiful nubuck leather, these folio cases from British accessory brand Snakehive come in a variety of colors well-suited for summer shenanigans. The pastel shades range from mint green and peach, to a lemon, lilac, and honeysuckle. There are two-tone versions available, too. Each case is stunning on the outside, and practical on the inside, with three card slots, a note compartment, and a phone holder that still provides complete access to your device’s buttons and connectors. The magnetic tab keeps the folio closed, and the cover can be flipped around to make a handy stand. The folio case is also available for the Galaxy S8 Plus.

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Nomad Folio Wallet Case ($50)

Nomad Folio Wallet Case

Classic, durable, and practical, this genuine leather wallet case from Nomad could be the ideal companion for your Galaxy S8. It has a thin, plastic shell inside that holds your phone firmly in place and it’s wrapped in brown or grey American patina leather. The inside cover sports three neatly stitched card slots and there’s a larger pouch at the back for cash. There are generous openings for access to buttons, ports, camera, and everything else.

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Skech Crystal Clear Case ($20)

Skech Crystal Clear Case

We don’t blame you if the idea of covering up your gorgeous Galaxy S8 design has you shaking your head, but this phone is easily damaged. Skech might have the perfect compromise for you with its Crystal Clear S8 cover. The back is hard polycarbonate, and the frame is a softer material designed to absorb impact shock. There are thin button covers and accurate cut-outs for the ports, camera, and everything else. It’s slim, so you can’t expect rugged drop protection, but it will ward off minor bumps and scratches. It also has an anti-yellowing coating, so there’s no need to worry about UV rays.

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CM4 Q Card Wallet Case ($25)

CM4 Q Card Wallet Case

You can ditch the wallet with this case, provided you don’t use too many cards. It’s a slim option compared to other S8 wallet cases, because it’s a standard TPU shell case with a special pouch sewn onto the back with space for up to three cards. There are textured strips on the sides for enhanced grip, accurate cut-outs for the ports, camera, and fingerprint sensor, and decent button covers. It extends a little at the top and bottom of the front to safeguard the screen. There’s also a clever groove on the back so that you can use one of your cards as a kickstand.

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RhinoShield CrashGuard Bumper ($25)

RhinoShield CrashGuard Bumper

This protective bumper is a good alternative to a traditional Galaxy S8 case, because it provides protection where you need it most — around the frame. Your phone is open front and back, so it’s easy to access the screen and you can enjoy Samsung’s curved design, but the bumper extends a little to protect both. The combination of hard and soft polycarbonate enhances grip and offers solid drop protection for falls from up to 11 feet. There are chunky button covers and generous openings for your ports. It comes in black, dark blue, and grey.

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Ted Baker Folio Cases with Mirror ($50)

best galaxy s8 cases Ted Baker Folio Cases with Mirror

Designer Ted Baker has partnered with Proporta on a series of gorgeous folio cases for the Galaxy S8, all showing off the latest floral print trends. We’ve highlighted the black Knowane and nude Knowai Porcelain Rose models here, but also love the bold Cendra Butterfly Collective model. Flip open the magnetically secured folio cover to find a handy mirror inside, and be safe in the knowledge Proporta has used an electroplated shell to keep both the phone and the design looking its best.

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Mujjo Leather Case ($45)

galaxy s8 cases
Mujjo’s leather cases for iPhone proved to be so popular, they decided to bring them to the Galaxy S8. This is the kind of case you want if you’re looking for a good quality leather case that will last you a long time. You can see that Mujjo chose to fold the leather inwards toward the camera instead of using a plastic ring. The interior of the case is a soft microfiber material, and the full-grain leather is will look even better as it ages with long-term use. This case comes in black and a beautiful saddle tan color.

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Speck Presidio Clear Case ($45)

galaxy s8 cases
The Presidio clear case comes in a variety of looks to suit any taste. You can opt to get the clear case, or you can jazz it up with some glitter. The case will protect your phone and is capable of resisting damage from drops of up to eight feet. One of the most annoying side effects of owning a clear case is the dreaded yellowing, but Speck uses a material called Impactium Clear which will resist yellowing, even when exposed to the sun for a long period.

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Carved Turtle Inlay Seaside Shell Case ($55)

best galaxy s8 cases Carved Turtle Inlay Seaside Shell Case

We’re big fans of Carved’s eye-catching Galaxy S8 cases. They feature real wood and all kinds of different artistic designs to give you a genuinely unique case that also offers lightweight protection. The case itself is a simple, plastic shell with accurate cut-outs, thin button covers, and added grip on the sides. The back panels are hand-crafted in the U.S. This one combines purpleheart wood with real seashell and mother of pearl inlays to make the turtle. There are loads of other designs to choose from, ranging from plain wood at $24 to mixed materials that go up to $59.

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Olixar Flexishield Gel Case ($7)

best galaxy s8 cases Olixar Flexishield Gel Case

Cases don’t come much cheaper than this basic gel case from Olixar. It’s a flexible, single layer that’s easy to fit. There are large cut-outs and thin button covers for easy access to everything. It won’t offer much in the way of drop protection, but it does enhance grip — and there’s a lip around the screen. The bumper frame has a gloss finish, while the back is subtly textured. You can get it in translucent blue or solid black. It may serve well as a stopgap solution while you wait for your preferred S8 case to be released.

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