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The best Google Pixel 3a cases and covers

Pixel 3a Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

If you’re looking for a great phone for $400, it’s hard to find a better Android option than the Google Pixel 3a. Your money gets you excellent midrange power, super-smooth Android 10, fast updates, good battery life, and an excellent camera.

But while the polycarbonate body is tough, protection is a good idea, and a good case can add some extra utility too. Here are some of the best Pixel 3a cases to keep your new phone safe.

Ringke Fusion Case

Ringke’s Fusion case is sleeker and more understated than Ringke’s usual fare, but that’s no bad thing. It’s made from a combination — a “fusion,” if you will — of a polycarbonate back and a TPU bumper, which gives the case great protection against a variety of hazards and everyday threats. While it won’t be as protective as larger cases, it should still perform well. It’s a clear case, but you can choose a variant with slight color tints to really show off a slightly different version of your phone’s style. There’s a raised lip to protect your screen and camera lens, and there’s even a slot to attach a lanyard, securing it from even more drops.

UAG Scout Series Case

Lightweight but protective, UAG’s Scout series is built for anyone who doesn’t want to add a large amount of bulk to their phone but still wants to keep it protected. It’s made from TPU, and the natural shock absorption of that material is combined with UAG’s technology to create a thin, lightweight case that adheres to MIL-SPEC (810G – 516.6) for drop tests. Its design is sleek, but if you’re looking for a fashion-forward case then keep on looking. The sides provide excellent grip, and it doesn’t block NFC for Google Pay. An excellent all-around case available at a good price.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Case

A great, clear case can add a decent amount of protection to your phone without adding significant bulk or distracting from your phone’s great design. Spigen’s Liquid Crystal case is one of the best options out there if you’ve decided that a clear case is the best choice for you. It’s made from shock absorbent TPU, and comes with Spigen’s Air Cushion technology on each corner to protect against drops, as well as scratches and bumps. TPU has its limits though, so this case won’t be as protective as a chunkier case would be. But if you want a good, clear case at a price that won’t break the bank, this is it.

Moment Photo Case

The Pixel 3a is equipped with the same camera hardware and software as the outstanding Pixel 3, which means it boasts a camera to be proud of. If you take loads of snaps, maybe you should super-charge your Pixel 3a with a Moment photo case. The case itself sports a good level of protection, with textured panels that promote grip. There’s even an attachment point for a wrist strap. But the real magic comes with Moment’s series of lenses that attach directly to the case and provide everything from a telephoto zoom to a movie-style anamorphic effect. Make no mistake, they’re expensive, but if you want to up your photography game, then Moment’s case is a good investment.

Incipio DualPro Case

Incipio has long-offered great drop protection in a stylish and minimalist shell, and the new Incipio DualPro is no exception. It’s a double-layer case, and the outer shell of hard polycarbonate keeps your phone safe from scratches, while the inner TPU core keeps it safe from drops and other shocks. Incipio claims it offers military-grade drop protection, and also says it’s protected against drops of up to ten feet high. It’s a heady boast, but Incipio has the pedigree to back it up. It’s a tad expensive at $30 though, and you can definitely find more stylish cases if you’re looking for a subtler look. But if you’re fine with the style and really love the drop protection, go ahead and grab it.

Case-Mate Twinkle Case

Case-Mate’s Twinkle case is a surefire way to add some glamour to your Pixel 3a. This case represents its name with an iridescent glitter foil on the backside that fluctuates as you move it, twinkling in a mesmerizing way.

But it’s not all beauty and no brawn. Metallic buttons and flexible sides keep things exciting, but the case isn’t just beauty with no substance. It’s got a tough exterior. Case-Mate guarantees that it’s tough enough to protect against drops of up to ten feet — beautiful but tough. On the negative side, it is expensive — but you can’t put a price on style.

Olixar Novashield Bumper Case

The Olixar NovaShield checks a lot of boxes with its stylish, sleek, protective, and rugged clear case. The dual-layered design combines the scratch-resistance of polycarbonate with the soft, shock-absorbing properties of TPU and comes with air pockets in the corners to help bolster the case against drops and bumps.

The clear polycarbonate back allows your Pixel 3a’s design to shine through, while the TPU bumper offers it a safe and secure frame. It’s an excellent all-around case that offers good looks and good protection at a reasonable price — something to appeal to everyone.

The NovaShield is a well-rounded choice—it’s aesthetically-pleasing, fairly secure, and its cost won’t break the bank.

Otterbox Defender Series Case

Otterbox Defender is an excellent option if you want to keep your Google Pixel safe and sound. This durable, heavy-duty case ranks at the top of the best cases available on the market today. It passes every drop, scratch, and dust test with flying colors, making for an easy purchase decision. 

Although this case is a bit bulky and may not fit inside your pocket, it has a unique design feature that includes a holster. This handy holster affixes to your clothes so that you can carry it around without worry. This trustworthy case offers supreme protection even in the most phone-threatening environments. 

Included in the package is a few port covers that help prevent dirt and debris from collecting on your phone. You also get a soft, easy-to-grip exterior shell that works to avoid dropping accidents. Everyone loves the opportunity to choose from a variety of colors. With the Ottorbox Defender, you can do just that and add aesthetic appeal to your protective case. Even though you might have to pay a higher price for this case, we know you’ll appreciate its first-rate protection.

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