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The best iPhone 12 Pro battery cases

The iPhone 12 Pro boasts a battery life that we found will get most people through the majority of their day; however, if you’re a heavy multimedia user or strongly relying on 5G connectivity to power your mobile experience, you might want to consider adding on a battery case. Apple has yet to release an official battery case for the iPhone 12 Pro, so we’ve assembled some of our favorites from third parties. Here are the best iPhone 12 Pro (and iPhone 12) battery cases to consider.

Snsou Battery Case

Snsou Battery Case for iPhone 12 Pro

One of the largest-capacity options on our list, this battery case from Snsou offers a 7,000mAh capacity, promising to extend your device’s life by 180%. Designed with a rubberized bezel, the case aims to protect your screen from scratches and bumps. Cut-outs are included so that you can easily plug in Lightning cables and headphones without needing to remove the case from your iPhone. A set of LED indicators on the rear of the case informs you of the internal battery’s current charge capacity, and a button allows you to switch charging on and off. As with most battery cases, this unit is not compatible with wireless charging systems.

Allezru Battery Case

Allezru Battery Case for iPhone 12 Pro/iPhone 12

This battery case from Allezru is compatible with Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 devices and aims at extending your device’s battery life by 120%. Made from a soft silica gel material with a hard-shell backplate, this case from Allezru protects your iPhone from scratches and excessive wear. You can use Lighting cables and headphones without removing the case, and an LED array on the rear shows the device’s current charge state. You can also choose to stop or start the charging process at any time to decide when your iPhone gets a top-off. This case is not compatible with wireless charging systems.

Newdery Battery Case

Newdery Battery Case for iPhone 12/12 Pro

The Newdery Battery Case for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro offers a 4,800mAh battery that aims to increase your iPhone’s run time by more than 100%. The case is made from TPU and PU materials, adding a bit of protection to your device. What we like most about the Newdery case is that, unlike most other battery cases, it supports Qi wireless charging. Simply drop the case down on a wireless charger, and your case will begin refueling. For keeping an eye on battery life, the case does include a set of LED indicators on the rear and a button to control the charging function.

ZeroLemon Battery Case

Zerolemon iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Battery Case

If you’re looking for a more aggressive iPhone case, this option from Zerolemon might be the perfect fit. Loaded with a 5,000mAh battery, the case can extend your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro battery life by up to 120%. The design is a bit bulky, but it uses raised AirCushion corners to help absorb shock if your iPhone is dropped. The battery case also manages to fit in a Qi wireless charger, so you can top off your device by dropping it on a wireless charging pad. It’s designed so Lightning cables fit without issue, users can enjoy their iPhone 12 Pro without needing to remove the protective case.

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