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The best iPhone 6 and 6 Plus accessories

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus brought larger screens, quicker processors, and sharper rear cameras, than ever before to the party. However, as good as Apple’s phones are, they still can’t do it all, and in some situations they leave a little something to be desired.

Thanks to the overwhelming popularity of the iPhone, there is a broad swath of stupendous iPhone 6 and 6 Plus accessories on the market designed to make up for any shortcomings. Whether you want to blast T. Swift’s 1989 in the solitude of your own room or merely mount your mobile device on your dash, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best accessories for any Apple aficionado. We also left off everything and anything related to U2. You know, just in case…

Speakers, flashlights, and chargers

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro ($80)


When you’re out in the wilderness, you need to bring the essentials with you. For many iPhone addicts, this means an external battery pack and a wireless speaker. Outdoor Tech’s Buckshot Pro 3-in-1 Bluetooth speaker takes it one step further by adding a flashlight and bike mount to the mix. This insane speaker is a rugged wireless speaker with an IPX5 water resistance rating that can take a hit and still boom out sound.

You can also use the speaker as a speakerphone or microphone, if you need to make hands-free calls while hiking up a mountain or riding your bike on the trails. It’ll give you 10 hours of music playback on a charge, or you can use its battery power to charge your phone up while you’re on the go. Should you get lost in the dark, it also works as a flashlight with a strobe feature for sending out a distress signal.

Anker A7908 Bluetooth Speaker ($34)


It’s hard to imagine wanting anything more from a speaker priced under $50. The Anker A7908 delivers robust sound quality at an affordable price, with natural overtones via a 2-inch speaker. Capable of 20 hours of playback before needing a recharge, the Anker A7908 utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 and works with just about any smartphone, including the iPhone 6. Read our full review here.


Monoprice Battery Backup and LED Flashlight ($11 – $13)

Monoprice Battery Flashlight

Monoprice’s battery pack solves the problem of having to stay in one place while you charge your phone. Just remember, you’ll have to use your Lightning cable to connect your iPhone 6 to the external battery. Despite housing a 2,600 mAh cell, the pack is roughly the size of a lipstick tube, and can hold enough power to fully charge your iPhone 6. An LED display also shows the amount of power left in the charger, while the integrated battery allows you to use the device as an LED flashlight. The compact charger is available in white, and comes with a USB A to USB micro-B cable that has a lifetime warranty attached.

Bike and car mounts

Kenu Car Kit Deluxe ($60)

When you’re cruising in your car, sometimes you need quick access to your iPhone. Most car mounting systems are a bit unwieldy, but the Kenu Airframe+ is pocket-sized and easily expands to fit phones that are even bigger than your iPhone 6 Plus. It pops right into the air vents in your car’s dashboard, so your GPS, texts, and other info is always accessible and at eye level. The mount measures 2.7 x 1.9 x 1 inches and weighs a mere 1.28 ounces, so you can easily take it with you and use it to prop up your phone on any flat surface, too. Although it’s available for $30 (there’s also a cheaper version for $20 and a leather version for $40), we recommend getting the Airframe+ as part of the Kenu Car Kit Deluxe ($60), which also includes the Dual Trip ($20) USB charger for two devices, and Kenu’s new Tripline ($20) Micro USB cable with Lightning adapter – perfect for that hitchhiking friend with an Android device.

Annex Products Quad Lock Bike Mount Kit ($70)


For all the innovation in cycling over the past few years, there still isn’t a convenient way to ride with your iPhone. While there are many mounts on the market, most position your phone in landscape mode when attached to your handle bars, taking up valuable space. The Quad Lock is a standout in this category, with two zip ties that fasten a the mount to your frame without all the unnecessary bulk. The mount is sturdy and streamlined, with the Quad Lock case made of durable plastic that snaps into the mount and resists water, sweat, and the elements. Unfortunately, iPhone 6 users will have to opt for the $40 case sold separately and purchase the the iPhone bike mount independently for $30.

iOttie Easy One Touch Universal Car Mount Holder ($20 – $30)


When you’re in the car, but need to access your phone, the iOttie Car Mount is one of the best options. The durable suction cup and a 360-degree mount ensure a secure fit, even for the behemoth iPhone 6 Plus. The rubber suction mounts on your dashboard or window, and moreover, the device accommodates any smartphone offering that measures between 2.3 and 3.2 inches wide. iOttie even redesigned the bottom foot to provide an open section for charging.


Headphones, keyboards, cables, and fitness bands

Misfit Flash fitness tracker ($18 – $30)


The Misfit Flash is one of the cheapest fitness and sleep trackers around, but it also has many cool functions beyond the activity applications. You can control smart home appliances with the Flash, use IFTTT integration to set up specific actions, and more.

The Flash comes with a wristband and a magnetic clip, so you can wear it a number of different ways. It’s also small enough to slip into your pocket, and Misfit sells attractive necklaces and other accessories that you can stick your new wearable into for added style. It comes in several fun colors, though some are more costly than others. Read more here.


Jorno tri-folding bluetooth keyboard ($100)


Sometimes you need to type up a quick Word doc on the go, and your iPhone’s touchscreen keyboard just doesn’t cut it. That’s when it’s handy to have a portable Bluetooth keyboard. The Jorno is the ultimate folding keyboard. It gives you a ton of room to type, but folds up into a tiny little square.

Jorno is just 6.8mm thick, and it folds up into a rectangle that’s less than 6 by 4 inches all told. It’s easy to fold up and pack away at any moment, thanks to the springy hinges, but the keyboard stays in place when you need it to. Jorno weighs less than 7 ounces, and even comes with its own stand, which doubles as its carrying case. It’s made of a nice, faux leather with a microfiber lining inside. When you’re using it as a stand for your phone, it snaps into place securely with a magnet. Read more here.

Zagg Pocket Keyboard ($44 – $70)

Zagg Pocket Foldable Wireless Keyboard

Another foldable keyboard to travel with and use with your iPhone 6, Zagg’s Pocket Keyboard features a foldable design that allows it to act as both a stand and a keyboard. It turns off automatically when closed. At 14.5mm thick when collapsed, the Pocket Keyboard is easy to store and move around with, and its integrated magnets ensure that it remains closed in transit. It’s a cheaper solution than the Jorno above, but one that’s not as compact and doesn’t offer the distance the Jorno does, as the keyboard part can’t be separated from the stand. Still, if you want a Bluetooth keyboard that’s on the cheaper side, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Klipsch R6i in-ear headphones ($50 – $70)


The R6i are pretty much the best sounding in-ear headphones $100 can buy, and seamlessly blend the portability of in-ear buds with high-fidelity sound rarely offered in such a compact package. The “i” in their name also indicates basic compatibility with Apple’s iOS, meaning you’ll be able to control playback, volume, and answer phone calls using the in-line remote and microphone. Moreover, the headphones come with a convenient carrying case, four different sizes of silicone eartips, and a 1-year warranty for added protection. Read our full review here.


Garmin VivoSmart activity tracker ($60 – $150)


Steve Jobs would’ve appreciated Vivosmart’s understated design. The lack of buttons and a visible display give the screen a minimalist appeal, but with a simple twist of your wrist, the wearable springs to life. Not only does the fitness tracker easily pair with independent sensors, but also silently feeds you notifications from your iPhone. It’s waterproof up to 160 feet and alerts users of incoming calls, text messages, and calendar items. The healthy seven days of battery life is just a bonus. Read our full review here.


NomadKey portable lightning cable ($20 – $25)


USB cables don’t have to be an unruly mess in your pocket. The Nomad Charger Key is designed to live on keychain, and is made from a flexible material that allows the charger to bend and accommodate awkward charging positions. It’s a great accessory for someone who’d rather not carry a USB charger around all the time, with a lightweight build and built-in Lightning cable for on-the-move energy top-ups.


Camera, home, and other gadgets

Zuckerim Gekkopod adaptable smartphone mount ($20)


No, it’s not a weird-looking five-legged sea creature. What you see here is the Gekkopod, a unique mobile tripod that lets you easily mount your iPhone onto almost anything, simply by wrapping the arms around a solid object.

It has an optional Ballhead accessory that lets you tilt your phone 360 degrees, so you can always get the shot you want. The Gekkopod also comes with a GoPro stand and a camera stand, making it much more versatile than you’d expect. It comes in 5 fun colors, so you’re not stuck with basic black, either.

Sony ILCE-QX1 lens-style camera ($400)

If the camera in the iPhone 6 isn’t quite enough for you, take a look at this 20-megapixel camera add-on from Sony. The QX-1 is a standalone lens that can be used with your iPhone 6. It employs your iPhone’s large display as the camera view finder. It features a built-in flash to take photos and videos in dark areas, supports continuous shooting up to 3.5fps, and easily connects to your iOS device via Wi-Fi. The lens comes with clips for mounting the device to the rear panel of the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, but sadly, you do have to use Sony’s Play Memories app available from the App Store before you can get started.

olloclip 4-in-1 Photo Lens ($80)


If you want added camera features without the $200 price tag, check out the forthcoming OlloClip for the iPhone 6. The sleek device clips over the camera lens, and allows your iPhone to capture both fisheye and wide-angle photos and video, while capitalizing on 10x and 15x zoom. It even comes bundled with three removable pendant clips, letting you string the device around your neck or clip it to your backpack for convenience while you’re out and about. Read more here.


Misfit Bolt smart LED light bulb ($50)


Misfit may not be the first company you think of when you hear the words, “smart home,” but its Bluetooth connected lightbulb, Bolt, is a fun option for iPhone users who want to save energy and have some fun with their lighting. The bulb connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and you can make it change colors at will, or set it to certain landscapes. If you have the Misfit Flash wearable, you can control your lights from your wrist — no phone required. Read more here.


Logitech Harmony Home Hub ($90)


Ever wish you could control your TV, games console, and audio system from your iPhone 6?  With the Logitech Harmony Home Hub, your smartphone becomes the universal remote for just about every entertainment device in your home. The Home Hub allows you to control a total of eight devices using your iPhone and even detects devices behind closed doors. Simply download the iOS app from the App Store, follow Logitech’s detailed configuration process and once you’re done, the iPhone 6 will be king of your castle. Read more here.


That’s it for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus accessories right now, but check back because we’ll add more great options as we discover them.

Joe Donovan, Malarie Gokey, and Kyree Leary contributed to this article.

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