The 22 best iPhone 8 cases

Check out the best iPhone 8 cases and covers you can buy so far

Apple unveiled a trio of new iPhones last September and the smallest of the bunch was the iPhone 8. Just like its big brother, the iPhone 8 Plus, the iPhone 8 sports a glass back, metal frame, and a fragile screen. This diminutive smartphone is going to need some protection. You may also want to add your own special flourish of style. We’re here to help with a look at of some of the best iPhone 8 cases and covers available.

If you’re upgrading from the iPhone 7, then the good news is that your old case will fit the new iPhone 8. That also means you can check out our roundup of the best iPhone 7 cases for more ideas. You’ll also want to take a look at the best iPhone accessories. If you’re thinking of going big this year, check out our best iPhone X cases guide.

Our top picks

After trying out a lot of different iPhone 8 cases, these three are the ones we wholeheartedly recommend. They all have something to offer that you won’t find elsewhere.

Speck Presidio Grip Case ($40)

One of our favorite case lines, the Presidio Grip from Speck, offers style and substance. You get two layers of protection to safeguard against drops from up to 10 feet, a scratch-resistant finish, a raised bezel around the screen, and enhanced grip courtesy of the non-slip ridges. The fit is perfect, the button covers are easy to find and not too stiff, and the ridges also prevent any sliding around on surfaces. This case also looks great and comes in a wide range of contrasting and complementary color combinations. There is even a Glitter version now, if you need some sparkle. Of all the different iPhone 8 cases we’ve tried, this is the protective case we use most often.

Buy it now from:

Speck Amazon

Nodus Shell Case ($30)

Leather is a comfortable material to hold and it ages gracefully, but you usually have to go for a wallet case if you want a leather finish. Nodus does offer the Access 2 case, which is a stylish wallet, but there’s also the leather Shell case. You get a magnetic mount with it, emblazoned with the elegant octopus Nodus logo, which you can stick on your car dash or another convenient spot. The shell case is minimal with big openings for port and camera access and subtle button covers. It comes in brown, black, teal, or gray and it looks and feels fantastic. If you just want something stylish and lightweight, and you’re prepared to sacrifice some drop protection, then this is a great case.

Buy it now from:


RhinoShield Mod Case ($32+)

We thought we had seen everything the world of iPhone cases had to offer, but this modular design from RhinoShield offers something truly different. We’re familiar with the CrashGuard bumper, which offers excellent drop protection up to 11 feet in a minimalist design. The Mod case design allows you to add an optional back plate, different colored rims ($5) or buttons ($3), and a camera attachment ($5) that supports wide angle ($60), super wide ($35), macro ($25), and fish-eye ($25) lens attachments. It’s not perfect — the attachments are tiny and assembly is fiddly — but we love the fact you can customize and the lenses produce some really interesting shots you simply wouldn’t be able to get otherwise.

Buy it now from:


And the rest

The rest of our list are great alternatives if you don’t fancy one of our top three picks. We’ve tried out many of them, but some made the list after being recommended to us, because we tried out the same case with a different phone and liked it, or based on good customer reviews.

Casetify Custom Cases ($40+)

What could be better than a fully customized case for your iPhone 8? With Casetify you can upload one of your favorite photos or images, choose a case style that you like, customize the colors, and have them make you a truly personalized, one-of-a-kind iPhone case. There are loads of different options, so you can get everything from a photo of your family on a clear-backed case with an easy-grip protective bumper, to a monogrammed leather wallet case.

Buy it now from:


Carved Traveler Case ($24+)

If you like natural wood grain, then you can’t go wrong with a case from Carved. Plain wood starts from $24, but the best Carved cases have beautiful designs inlaid, like the Grand Teton pictured, which costs $39. There are also shell inlay designs and prints from some seriously talented artists. The shell case itself is flexible, black rubber with ridged sections to aid grip, tactile button covers, and accurate cutouts.

Buy it now from:

Amazon Carved

Nomad Clear Case ($40)

This classy shell case has a typical dual material construction, with a flexible TPE bumper that absorbs impact shock and a tough, transparent polycarbonate back panel. Where it differs from other shell cases is the inclusion of a vegetable tanned Horween leather patch on the back. This patch gives the case a nice feel in hand and it should develop its own patina as it ages. You also benefit from drop protection up to 6 feet with this iPhone 8 case.

Buy it now from:

Amazon Nomad

LuMee Duo Marble ($70)

LuMee cases not only protect your phone, but also provide studio-quality lighting. The limited edition marble style case comes in three color variants — Black Marble, Pink Quartz, and White Marble. It includes LED lights located on both the front and the back, which means your photos will always be well lit regardless of whether you’re using the front-facing or rear camera. To keep the lights going, each LuMee case comes with a rechargeable battery and charging cord. With its sleek design and silicone raised edges, it strikes a perfect balance between trendy and durable.

Buy it now from:

Amazon LuMee

Mikol Carrara White Marble Case ($100)

If it’s opulent style you’re after, then this real marble case from Mikol might catch your eye. We tried out the clean Carrara White marble version, but there are options in green, ruby, black, gold, and more. The vein patterns give each case a genuinely unique finish and the marble has been reinforced with fiberglass to reduce the risk of it chipping or shattering. As attractive as this case is, it doesn’t offer a huge amount of protection and it’s expensive. Large cutouts offer easy access to the buttons and the plastic shell curves round your iPhone 8 just enough to snugly hold it, but there is no raised bezel around the screen. It’s really about style, not drop protection, and to that end, Mikol also offers gold engraving of your name or initials for an extra $25.

Buy it now from:


Skech Stark Case ($35)

The idea behind the Skech’s new Stark case is to provide real, solid drop protection in a minimal form factor that doesn’t eclipse your iPhone 8. This case promises drop protection for falls of up to eight feet, making it one of the most protective options out there, but it leaves the sides completely open, has large openings for the port and camera, and has a transparent back so you can see Apple’s design. The protection is focused in the corners and along the top and bottom edges, where you need it most. This case is also slim enough that it doesn’t interfere with wireless charging. It comes in black or clear varieties.

Buy it now from:


Noreve Tradition B Leather Case ($72+)

Wallet case fans with a love of leather need look no further because the Noreve Tradition B case will tick all of your boxes. This well-padded case covers your iPhone 8 from every angle, with a thin, minimal shell to hold it in place and a solid cover with a magnetic stud closure. You’ll find a couple of card slots inside along with a larger money pocket. The quality is excellent and you can choose from an impressively wide range of different colors and finishes to get the precise look and texture you want. It obviously adds some bulk, but there are accurate openings to ensure you can access every function of your iPhone 8 without having to undress it.

Buy it now from:


Caudabe Veil XT Case ($20)

If you dislike chunky cases, but don’t want to risk going completely without protection, then this super-svelte case from Caudabe might tempt you. It’s only 0.35mm thick, and it sports cutouts for the camera, buttons, and port. It’s slightly translucent, with a textured matte finish that’s designed to enhance grip. While it should prevent scratches on the back or frame, there’s no lip to safeguard the screen, and we wouldn’t expect much in the way of drop protection from something this thin — it’s really for minimalists. It comes in blue, red, black, or a kind of frosted finish.

Buy it now from:

Amazon Caudabe

Caseology Skyfall Series Case ($18)

With a knack for creating cases that combine style and protection well, Caseology has been selling boatloads of cases. This one has a clear TPU shell that shows off the back of the iPhone 8, complete with Apple logo. A durable polycarbonate frame, colored to match your iPhone, surrounds the shell for added protection. The cutouts and button covers are good, but what we most appreciate is the solid drop protection and the raised lips around the screen and camera lens. It’s not the slimmest case around, but we think it’s a good-looking option at a reasonable price.

Buy it now from:


Mous Limitless Shell Case ($45)

Now is the time to pick up one of these very special Limitless cases, due to a substantial discount taking the cost from $85 down to $50 for the iPhone 8 cover. The clever AiroShock system uses tiny air pockets inside the TPU and polycarbonate blend body to achieve a high level of protection for your phone in the event of a fall. Despite this, it only adds 2.3mm to the thickness of your phone — rugged case benefits, without the rugged case. A strong screen protector is included in the package, and there are five different genuine material looks from which to choose. We love the carbon fiber and the very unusual shell finish, and accessories that attach the hidden magnets inside the Limitless case will arrive next year.

Buy it now from:


Snakehive Vintage Wallet Collection ($30)

iphone 8

What we love about the Snakehive cases most is the super soft, very strokable Nubuck leather that covers the Vintage Collection. Designed in the United Kingdom and handcrafted in Europe, these are beautifully made, attractively styled, and very practical folio cases with space for three credit cards, while your iPhone 8 clips inside a plastic case. The matte Nubuck ages well with time, and just like all the best leather products, it takes on its own look the more you use it. Available in both two-tone, which we like best, and single colors too.

Buy it now from:

Amazon Snakehive

Incipio Esquire Slim Series Case ($25)

Incipio Esquire Slim Series Case

If you’re looking for a slim, stylish case to make your cold glass and metal iPhone 8 more comfortable to handle, and a lot easier to grip, then Incipio has you covered. This case boasts a tough polycarbonate core with a bit of flexibility, wrapped in a cotton chambray fabric that comes in black or gray. There are generous openings for easy access to buttons, ports, and the camera, and this svelte case won’t add much to your iPhone’s profile.

Buy it now from:

Amazon Incipio

Otterbox Symmetry Series Case ($45)

OtterBox Symmetry Series Case

With some of the most protective cases around, you can rely on Otterbox for solid drop protection, but not all of its cases are chunky. The Symmetry Series offers dual-layer drop protection in a fairly slim package that comes in a wide range of fun finishes and colors, some of them new for the iPhone 8. There’s a slight lip to safeguard that screen, flexible button covers, and framed cutouts that won’t interfere with your camera use or cable access.

Buy it now from:


Silk Base Grip Case ($12)

Silk Base Grip Case

For all the butter-fingers out there who struggle to keep a hold on the slippery iPhone, this case from Silk could be the answer. It’s quite a slim case, but the outside is textured to provide “Kung Fu grip”. It is very light, but air pockets in the corners help to guard against minor drops and bumps. There are tactile button covers for power and volume, and accurate openings for everything else. It comes in black, gray, blue, and purple.

Buy it now from:

Amazon Silk

Tech21 Evo Check Evoke Edition Case ($50)

Tech21 Evo Check Evoke Edition Case

This clear case shows off your new iPhone 8 design, but adds a touch of style with a floral design, and a whole lot of protection with three layers capable of withstanding falls of up to 10 feet. There are chunky, well-designed button covers that are easy to find without looking and accurate cutouts with plenty of room for third-party cables. With Tech21’s stringent testing, you can be rest assured your iPhone 8 is safe in this case.

Buy it now from:

Amazon Tech21

Greenwich Chrono Folio Case ($109)

Greenwich Chrono Folio Case

There simply aren’t enough purple cases in the world, so this attractive option from Greenwich Design caught our eye. It’s expensive, but the maker boasts that it’s finished in the world’s finest bull hide leather and, thanks to a hidden carbon fiber lining, can stop a shotgun blast. The cover can also be folded back and used with magnetic mounts. Cutouts offer access to all buttons and ports, and there’s an opening for the camera, too. This case comes with a lifetime guarantee and if you don’t like the damson, there are many other colors to choose from.

Buy it now from:


Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case ($12)

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

When you buy a new iPhone 8, there’s a good chance that you want to show it off. This case from Spigen allows you to do just that with a crystal clear or tinted polycarbonate back panel and a TPU frame that comes in clear or a variety of different colors. The button covers are good, the cutouts are spot on, and the bumper provides military grade drop protection to ensure your iPhone 8 isn’t damaged in the event of a minor tumble.

Buy it now from:


UAG Pylo Series Case ($40)

UAG Pylo Series Case

With reinforced corners and an impact resistant core, this iPhone 8 case can shrug off falls and bumps. You get the same tough protection, oversized button covers, and skid pads as the rest of UAG’s range, but the Pylo cases have a plainer design. This case comes in clear, tinted gray, or tinted red (pictured). It’s quite chunky, but it provides solid protection and enhances grip considerably.

Buy it now from:

Amazon UAG

Proporta Ted Baker Shannon Mirror Folio Case ($50)

Proporta Ted Baker Shannon Mirror Folio Case

This folio case comes in muted apricot or gray with a perfectly fitted, electroplated shell to hold your iPhone 8 snug and secure. The cover has a soft, leather-style finish and it opens to reveal a surprise. You might expect to find pockets for credit cards, but instead there’s a mirror. The shell is minimal with the full range of required cutouts. This isn’t a rugged drop protection case, but it does cover all angles, so will serve well if you usually put your iPhone 8 in a bag. The Ted Baker branding appears inside and out.

Buy it now from:

Amazon Proporta

Need even more options? Consider shopping for a bargain. Our roundup of the best iPhone 8 case deals will have you covered. Or consider something extra stylish: The Manual has a roundup of the most stylish iPhone X cases that could inspire you.

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