The best iPhone 8 Plus cases and covers

Avoid scratches and dents with the 20 best iPhone 8 Plus cases

best iphone 8 plus cases

Apple’s latest iPhone range includes the most desirable iPhones yet. The iPhone 8 Plus is the biggest of the bunch, with a beefed-up A11 processor, a dual-camera setup, and more power than you can shake a stick at. It’s no ugly nerd, either. Thanks to an all-new glass back, the new iPhone 8 Plus has looks to go along with its brains.

With those stylish new looks come new dangers. Smartphone glass has improved in leaps and bounds, but when you’re spending hundreds of dollars on an iPhone, do you really want to run the gauntlet with it? No one wants their iPhone to sport cracks, scratches, or worse — that’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best iPhone 8 Plus cases to keep your pride and joy safe and sound.

By the way, if you’re upgrading from an iPhone 7 Plus, then your existing case will work just fine. All the changes to the iPhone 8 Plus are internal, so our iPhone 7 Plus case picks will also serve you well. But there’s always an argument for getting a new case for your new phone — so check out our picks below!

Slickwraps Retro Apple Case ($37)

best iphone 8 plus cases slickwraps

Apple hasn’t always been the world-straddling behemoth it is now, and there was once a time when Apple was known for making kooky little Macintosh computers. While it’s unlikely any Apple fan would want a return to those days, some might miss the unforgettable style of those early machines. This case from Slickwraps emulates those original machines, complete with beige styling and a rainbow-colored Apple logo. It’s made from hard polycarbonate with a soft TPU bumper, and should resist damage well. It also has a raised bezel to stop the phone from resting on harmful surfaces, and the button covers are large, easy to find, and protective.

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Tech21 Evo Mesh ($40)

best iphone 8 plus cases evo mesh

Tech21 specializes in light and stylish cases that deliver fantastic protection against drops, and the Evo Mesh case is no exception to that rule. It’s made from three layers of TPU and includes Tech21’s special FlexShock material, which makes the Evo Mesh case 30 percent slimmer and 60 percent lighter than other similar cases, while also providing drop protection that’s been tested up to 3 meters (10 feet). It comes with a sturdy bumper outside the case for additional grip, and the unique mesh pattern on the rear of the case lends a cool style, while also allowing the Apple logo to show through.

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Otterbox Strada Shadow Leather Case ($60)

best iphone 8 plus cases otterbox

Otterbox is one of the most prominent names in protection, but it has a stylish side too. Otterbox’s Strada series of cases feature all the usual protective qualities that you’d expect from the case manufacturer — they are tested exhaustively to earn Otterbox’s Certified Drop+ Protection designation — but they also packing some serious style. Soft premium leather covers the case, adding grip to your phone and lending a classy air. As a folio wallet case, it also includes a cover that protects the screen when not in use, and has a handy card slot on the inside so you can take some spare cash or a payment card with you. It’s on the expensive side, but it’s strong and exceptionally good-looking.

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Zizo Ion Series ($17)

best iphone 8 plus cases zizo

A strong new name in device protection, Zizo offers some great cases at competitive prices. The Ion series for the iPhone 8 Plus uses three layers of protection to get the job done. The inner core is made from shock-absorbent and flexible TPU that is sandwiched between two hard polycarbonate plates to help keep your device protected from scratches and other hazards. It’s been drop tested to be compliant with military standard 810-G, while still managing to be lightweight. A raised lip around the edges of the case keeps your phone elevated, while a nonslip coating helps with grip, and dust covers keep small particles out of your device’s ports. It even comes with a glass screen protector for full protection.

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LifeProof Nüüd Case ($100)

best iphone 8 plus cases lifeproof

If you’re headed out into the wilderness, you’re probably right to worry about the state of your phone. The iPhone 8 Plus is sturdy, but pit it against the multiple hazards present in the great outdoors and the result may not be pretty. That’s where LifeProof comes in. The Nüüd case is able to stay submerged up to 20 meters for an hour, and is fully sealed to guard against snow, dirt, debris, and pretty much anything that can harm your phone. Even better, it’s drop tested up to a height of 2 meters, and shields all the vulnerable areas of your phone. It’s clear, so you can still show off your phone. It’s expensive, but an awful lot less expensive than buying a replacement phone.

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Peel Super Thin Case ($25)

peel best iphone 8 plus cases

One of the worst things about cases can be the feeling that there’s something between you and your phone. Apple has spent millions of hours ensuring that the iPhone 8 Plus is as thin as possible, so why ruin that with a bulky protective case? Peel’s superthin case is designed to make you forget it’s even there. At only 0.35mm thick, it’s minimalist to the extreme — even forgoing a Peel logo — and it’s thin enough for the Apple logo to show right through it. Despite its thinness, it still provides decent protection against hazards, thanks to impact-absorbing material. A very slight protrusion on the rear camera helps to keep those lenses elevated from surfaces, and it doesn’t interfere with wireless charging. With a range of colors to choose from, you can select a color that matches your iPhone, ensuring it all but disappears once it’s on there.

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Incipio Stashback Case ($40)

incipio best iphone 8 plus cases

Tired of carrying around your wallet as well as your phone? If you’re not one for wallet cases, you could try out this stylish case from Incipio. The Stashback comes with a shock-absorbing exterior design that still manages to be slim. The case’s name comes from the back panel that opens to reveal a space handy for keeping credit cards, travel passes, or a bit of spare cash. It’s built to Incipio’s usual high standards, with button covers around the sides of the case and a raised lip to protect your phone when placed facedown on surfaces. It’s definitely on the pricier side, but we’ve always been impressed by Incipio’s offerings, and this is no different.

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Moment Photo Case ($30)

moment best iphone 8 plus cases

The iPhone 8 Plus has one of the best phone cameras in the business — good enough to top our list of the best smartphone cameras. So if you’re serious about your photography, why not get a case that complements it? Moment is dedicated to upping your photography game, and this case is the first step. Made from a hard thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), the case has a textured back panel that helps you maintain a good grip. Button covers on the side ensure complete protection, and an optional lanyard attachment means you won’t be dropping your phone on the floor while taking those tricky shots. The real stars here are the additional lenses that attach to the case, adding functionality for macro shots, wide-angle, or fish eye effects. Easy to use and attach, Moment’s photography package is great for anyone who wants to up their game.

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Noreve Leather Wallet Case (from $50)

noreve best iphone 8 plus cases

No gimmicks here — just some of the best leather wallet cases you can buy. Noreve’s quality is second to none, with a design based on Saint-Tropezt. Noreve offers the largest amount of choice of any case on this list. Do you want durable and easy-to-maintain PU leather or extravagant saffiano leather? In a natural tan or a deep blue ocean color? Finally, with or without a belt clip? The breadth of choice is astounding, and although you’ll be paying a premium for the most luxurious options, it’s worth it if you want to make sure you’re wrapping your iPhone 8 Plus in a leather case that’s 100 percent your style.

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Nomad Clear Case ($40)

Nomad has always impressed with its designs, but the company has outdone itself with the Clear Case for the iPhone 8 Plus. A clear polycarbonate rear shell provides great protection and shows off your phone’s gorgeous design. Softer TPU sides aid grip, and a wonderfully tactile and classy Horween leather panel gets better-looking with time. Inside is a soft microfiber lining. The fit is excellent on our iPhone 8 Plus, and the 6-foot drop protection puts our minds at rest. A version is also available for the iPhone 8. We love it, find it very comfortable to hold, and it hasn’t left our iPhone yet.

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Ghostek Cloak 3 Clear Protective Case ($20)

ghostek cloak 3 best iphone 8 plus cases

Stylish and slim protection is one of Ghostek’s primary mission statements, and although the fledgling case maker is better known for its larger, waterproof cases, its slimmer offerings are not to be missed. The latest in their Cloak range, the Cloak 3, is one of those smaller offerings. Styled to match the contours of your device, the Cloak 3 also comes with a clear back — if you’ve got it, flaunt it. The hard polycarbonate bumper protects the phone’s edges from scratches and physical hazards, while the soft TPU inner case absorbs impacts and offers shock protection that exceeds the military standard for drop testing. Even better, the Cloak 3 has raised edges that protect the 5.5-inch Super Retina screen on the front and the raised camera bump on the rear.

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VRS Design SimpliMod Leather-Style Case ($25)

vrs designs simplimod best iphone 8 plus cases

Searching for a different style? VRS Design might have the case you’ve been looking for. Featuring a blend of protective polycarbonate and luxurious-feeling PU leather, VRS’ SimpliMod case combines two state-of-the-art materials into one case for a unique look. A slim-fitting shell holds your phone snugly, while the sleek lines of the case add barely any bulk. The polycarbonate keeps your phone safe against scrapes and scratches, and the PU leather adds extra grip to a slippery phone. Raised edges keep your screen and camera from contacting flat surfaces, and spacious cutouts allow for full use of your phone at all times.

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VRS Design Mobile Fun

LuMee Duo Case ($70)

lumee duo best iphone 8 plus cases

A “lit” choice for the selfie-conscious out there. LuMee’s iconic range of light-up cases shot into the spotlight after Selfie Queen Kim Kardashian posted a picture of her iPhone with a LuMee case (and partnered with them). Since then, LuMee’s range of cases, with included soft lighting, have been the go-to for any wannabe Instagram star — or anyone who cares about keeping their selfie game on point. The LuMee Duo doubles the effective uses of the case by adding forward-facing light, so you’ll never be without the perfect, studio-level lighting for your snaps. But it’s not all about the lighting. LuMee has added an extra layer of protection to the Duo in the form of cushioned corners, as well as improved drop resistance, which is extra useful when your phone is pulling double duty as your camera. The Duo is available in black, rose, gold, and white matte, so you can get the perfect color to match your style.

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LuMee Amazon

Vaja Wallet Agenda Leather Case ($129)

vaja agenda wallet best iphone 8 plus cases

Your iPhone 8 Plus is one of the finest smartphones in the world — and it deserves the best in protection. Vaja crafts cases by hand from the finest Bridge leather, ensuring that each case has a 100 percent unique leather grain. As the case ages, so does the leather, becoming more beautiful over time.  The Agenda Wallet series also comes with several card and money slots, along with a cover that folds around the screen when it’s not in use to protect it from harm. The black matte camera frame also helps to enhance the camera flash, assisting low-light photography (check out our iPhone camera tips for more). It’s an expensive option, but if you can afford to part with the cash, then you’re unlikely to find a more luxurious case.

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Spigen Liquid Air Armor Case ($11)

spigen liquid air armor best iphone 8 plus cases

What sort of case roundup would this be without the current king of the hill? Spigen is well-known for its range of uber-protective cases that add functionality as well as protection. But bigger doesn’t always mean better, and that’s why we’ve moved away from Spigen’s usual range to show you one of the case titan’s slimmer offerings. Spigen’s Air Cushion technology provides protection against outside hazards, bumps, and drops, while only adding 0.3cm of thickness to your slim iPhone 8 Plus. The distinct (and stylish pattern) on the back of the case isn’t just for looks — it provides a solid grip on what can be a slippery phone, helping stop drops before they happen. The Liquid Air Armor is a solid pick if you’re after a slim but effective case.

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Olixar Makamae Case ($17)

makamae best iphone 8 plus cases

Hawaiian for “precious,” Olixar’s Makamae case lives up to its name. A great choice for anyone who wants a look that breaks away from the crowd but won’t break their budget, Olixar’s Makamae has style to spare. It has brawn to match, with a construction of polycarbonate and a durable synthetic leather. A raised edge around the screen keeps that precious area from scratching on surfaces, and precise cutouts allow access to all the ports and functions of your iPhone 8 Plus.

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Olixar Mobile Fun

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Style Clear Case ($13)

supcase best iphone 8 plus cases

Supcase has made a splash in the past few years with a range of budget cases that offer great protection for reasonable prices. And it’s back with a slightly updates design for the iPhone 8 Plus. The clear back of the Unicorn Beetle Style shows off the color choice of your iPhone, offering protection with a scratch-resistant clear back plate and military-standard drop resistance. A raised edge around the screen and rear camera protect those vulnerable areas from damage, and the high-grade TPU and polycarbonate materials ensure that this is protection that will last. Don’t let misgivings about the low price put you off — the Unicorn Beetle Style is definitely worth a look.

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Amazon Supcase

Ringke Air Prism Glitter Combo Case ($7)

ringke best iphone 8 plus cases

As strange as it seems, the image above shows the same case — the Ringke Air Prism comes with a holographic insert that can be slipped between the phone and case to create the amazing rainbow effect above. Take it out, and the clear back shows off your phone’s peerless design, overlaid with the attractive triangular pattern. It’s the perfect phone case for someone who likes to change up their style and isn’t afraid of making a statement. The case is also superslim at only 1.4mm thick, adding barely any bulk to your iPhone 8 Plus.

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UAG Trooper Series Card Case ($40)

uag best iphone 8 plus cases

Another big name in cell phone protection, UAG has updated the Trooper range to extend to the iPhone 8 Plus. Superdurable, the Trooper adheres to military drop test standards, and is sure to keep your phone secure and safe through most daily hazards. A hidden backpack on the rear of the case contains enough room for up to four credit cards, and super-tactile button covers on the sides keep your buttons pristine and responsive. A network of hollow honeycomb shells keep the weight of the case down, while still providing the strength needed to keep your phone safe, thanks to the combination of a hard outer shell and shock-absorbent inner core.

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Amazon UAG

Moshi SenseCover ($50)

moshi best iphone 8 plus cases

Available in a wide variety of colors, the Moshi SenseCover has long been one of the most sought-after cases for the iPhone, and it’s easy to see why. The SenseCover not only keeps your phone fully protected but doesn’t need to be opened to use the phone. Thanks to Moshi’s technology, you can answer your phone (after seeing the caller ID in the window) and chat away, without ever having to open your phone and expose it to the elements. A soft microfiber lining inside the case keeps your phone snug and safe, and it also doubles as a stand for media viewing. It is fully compatible with wireless charging, military drop-tested, and lightweight. The Moshi SenseCover is a strong contender to be the case of choice for your iPhone 8 Plus.

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