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Protect your new phone with one of the best LG X Power cases

LG X Power
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The LG X Power, as the name implies, packs a lot of power. It has a huge battery enclosed within, allowing you to talk, text, and listen to music for longer, without frequently looking for a wall outlet. If you’ve bought, or plan on buying, the LG X Power for the longer battery life, then you probably take your phone everywhere and use it constantly. Heavy use means exposing your LG X Power to the world, though, which could lead to unwanted damage in the form of dents and scratches. Thankfully, there’s a way to prevent that. We’ve scoured the internet to find the best LG X Power cases to protect your new phone, whether you’re looking for slim cases, holster cases, or ones that shout “style.” Below are seven of our favorites.

Ballistic Tough Jacket MAXX Series Case ($30+)

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For the absolute best protection for your LG X Power, the Tough Jacket MAXX from Ballistic is the way to go. For starters, it comes with a built-in, replaceable screen protector that completely covers the front of your phone, and doesn’t leave any gaps for debris to get in. It’s made of polycarbonate and silicone, and features raised edges and corners to keep the phone as far away from surfaces as reasonably possible. There are also precise openings and covers for your smartphone’s ports, speakers, and buttons. A bundled holster with a rotating clip rounds out the features, holding your phone face-in and ensuring its screen is covered and protected at all times.

Incipio DualPro Case ($30)

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The DualPro case from Incipio is for those that want a decent amount of protection, but don’t want a loud design or a rough finish on the outside. Incipio’s case is made to feel comfortable during prolonged use thanks to a soft-touch finish on the outer shell, however, the flexible interior is where most of the protection lies. The case also provides good shock absorption in case of impact against a hard surface. It’s a an effective case, one that includes cut-outs for all the essentials and covers for the volume and power keys.

Innovaa Premium Leather Wallet Case ($10)

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It wouldn’t be a proper case roundup without a wallet case for those who want to free up a pocket or room in their purse. Innovaa’s offering doesn’t break the mold or try anything daring, because what’s been proven to work often continues to work. You’ll find three card slots for credit cards and IDs, an inner sleeve for money, and a magnetic clasp to keep everything inside tucked away and secure. The LG X Power’s ports, speakers, and buttons are even accessible when the case is closed. It comes in several solid colors and with a few unique designs, too, if you want something a little more stylish.

J&D ArmorBox Case ($9)

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If you want a simple case with a low-key design that’s smooth to the touch, look no further than this particular case from J&D. It adds a bit of bulk to the overall size of the phone, but in doing so, it protects it from drops and scratches. This includes the buttons, which are covered and appropriately labeled. The ArmorBox isn’t as soft as other cases on our list — meaning it may cause some discomfort after prolonged use — but the hard outer shell will help keep your LG X Power intact if, or when, it comes into contact with a hard surface or object.

Style4U Slim Fit Hybrid Armor Case ($9)

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This case shouts style and personality, no matter what color or design you choose. Sure, it has the winning combination of a soft inner bumper and a hard outer shell, and brings with it drop and shock resistance, but you’re really getting a case like this because you want something stylish. It draws attention whenever you pull it out, mostly due to the way light reflects of the back side of the case. It also revels in a slim design, one that seems determined to catch the eye.

CoverON ClearGuard Series Case ($10)

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If you want to maintain the original design of your phone but give it some amount of defense, you obviously have to go with a clear case. CoverON is a company that provides clear cases for the LG X Power, all of which are slim, flexible, and overtly subtle. The flexibility of the ClearGuard case makes it easy to apply, while its snug fit and the openings for your smartphone’s ports and buttons mean that you never have to remove it. CoverON sells a completely transparent case, but if you want a little bit of color, there are variants that have black and teals borders with clear backs.

Oeago Protective Case ($8)

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The biggest benefit to buying this snap-on case from Oeago is the amount of grip it adds to your phone. This feature can be found on the back of the case, and aside from the outer edges, the back is where you really want it to be. Everything else about the case is what you’d expect: TPU exterior shell, silicone interior, shock absorption, perfect cut-outs, and button covers. Oeago’s case is made specifically for the LG X Power, so be prepared for a tight fit. This case will stay attached to your phone, regardless of what danger it ends up in.

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