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The best Moto E5 Play cases

The best Moto E5 Play cases to let your phone play hard

Moto E5 Play
Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

If you’re looking for a solid phone at a low price, then Motorola’s phones constitute some of your best choices. The Moto E5 Play stands out as one of the best in that range, offering solid performance in basic tasks, as well as decent battery life for the price. It’s a good phone that’s built to be durable, but one slip or fall onto a hard surface is all it takes to damage your phone. If you want it to last until your next upgrade, don’t take the chance — wrap your phone in a protective case to keep it safe. Here are some of the best Moto E5 Play cases.

CoverON Clear FlexGuard Case ($8)

Not keen on big, bulky cases with traditionally “rugged” style? Then lay your peepers on this clear case from CoverON. The FlexGuard cover is made from flexible TPU that is shock-absorbent and should provide good resistance against bumps and similar hazards. The corners are often the part of a phone that hits the ground first, and it’s for that reason CoverON has added elevated bumpers to each corner, adding extra resistance. The soft material enhances your grip and there are a series of textured grips on the edges of the case. It’s thin, protective, and allows you to show off your phone to the world.

Otterbox Prefix Case ($25)

Otterbox is more usually known for its bulky rugged cases, but it also makes some really good slim gel cases. The Prefix is made from slim TPU, and that soft and flexible material is extremely shock-resistant — something Otterbox has further improved upon with an especially absorbent inner core. It’s slim and low profile, making it easy to slip out of a pocket and it has a style that fits into almost any situation. It comes in a series of colors too, so if you’re not a fan of the straight-up black, there is also a glittery pink and smoky black. It’s not the cheapest case around, but when it’s got Otterbox’s name on it, you know it’s good.

Leegu Dual Layer Gear Wheel case ($8)

Who says rugged cases can’t also be stylish? This case from Leegu is a dual layer case, and it uses a shock-absorbing TPU bumper with a hard shell of polycarbonate (PC) clipped over the top to supply a hard backbone. That should make this case extremely resistant to most damage, but it’s the style that has really caught our attention, and even if you’re not taken by the Gear Wheel design we’ve highlighted, there are other designs to pick from, including Blue Flower, and the humorous Don’t Touch My Phone. These sorts of patterned cases aren’t for everyone, but if you’re a fan of these sorts of designs and really want to keep your phone protected, this is the case for you.

Aeska Heavy Duty Defender Case ($9)

Another dual-layer case, this heavy duty case from Aeska is a very cool looking rugged case. It’s made from a TPU inner core and a hard PC outer shell, for that great combination of shock-resistance and hard protection. It also comes with a pair of carbon fiber-style panels at either end of the case, and those lend an air of sci-fi futurism. The corners are extra chunky for extra protection, and large button covers and dust covers for ports help to keep those areas safe. It’s light and thin, and it should help to keep your phone protected for a bargain price.

Zizo Ion Series Case ($15)

All-around protection can be hard to get a hold of, but Zizo‘s Ion case is a quick and easy way to protect as much of your phone as possible. The Ion case is made from a flexible and absorbent TPU inner core, coupled with a hard PC faceplate and backplate to keep your phone rigid and protected. The case is surrounded by a series of raised circles to aid grip, and the raised edges keep your phone from resting on surfaces. The all-around protection is completed with the free addition of one of Zizo’s tempered glass screen protectors, which stop scratches in their tracks, and can stop your display from smashing. If you want all-around light protection at a great price, this is a great case for you.

NageBee Heavy Duty Clip Case ($7)

They’re not for everyone, but if you’ve got a job that takes you out and about, then a clip-on case can be a seriously useful addition to your phone. This case from NageBee also comes with a hard PC clip that your phone slides into, making it easy to quickly holster your phone when it’s not needed. It also helps to keep your phone well sealed away from potential hazards. It’s a strong protective option, too, and the case is dual-layer, providing strong protection against a variety of threats. It also has a rugged style that aids grip on your device and a screen protector. As if that wasn’t enough, there is a kickstand on the back of the case which makes it easy to watch videos on the move.

Poetic Revolution Tough Case ($17)

Poetic is an up-and-coming name in protective options, and the Revolution case is the perfect example of why that’s the case. It’s another dual-layer case, and the Revolution uses a full inner core of TPU, combined with a complete armor of hard PC wrapped around the Moto E5 Play. You will find textured hand-grips around the sides of the case, as well as dust plugs for each of the ports. It’s compliant with military standards for drop protection, and it also comes with a built-in screen protector, fully protecting your phone’s display, and ensuring it’s covered from every angle.

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