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The best Motorola Moto G6 cases to keep your Moto motoring on

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If you’re looking for a new budget handset, then it’s likely you’ve watched the Moto G6 with great interest since its reveal. Motorola’s new addition to the Moto G range is set to take the lower-priced market by storm with a brand-new design, more power, and some of the best value for the money that you’re likely to find.

But just because it’s a budget phone doesn’t mean it should be going out into the world unprotected. A good protective case can reduce the risk of scratching the Moto G6’s body, shattering the screen, or inflicting any other sort of damage on it. We’ve scoured the internet to find some of the best cases to help keep your Moto G6 looking great all the way to your next upgrade and beyond.

Spigen Rugged Armor ($20)

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We’re starting this list off with one of the best phone case manufacturers out there. Spigen‘s Rugged Armor case is one of the most popular cases around, and it’s easy to see why. Made from shock-absorbent and flexible TPU, the soft surface provides plenty of grip for your fingers, along with great protection from bumps, drops, scratches, and dings. A raised lip around the edges keeps your display and camera lenses elevated from surfaces, and the carbon fiber-style panels at either end of the back lend a cool, futuristic look.

TopAce Clear Case ($8)

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Sticking a case over the top of your phone isn’t for everyone — after all, don’t you want to look at the phone you just bought? If you’re that sort of person, but you still want some protection for your Moto G6, then a clear case might be for you. This case from TopAce is made from flexible TPU that adds shock absorbency and a soft surface for your fingers to grip. While this thin case won’t be as protective as a bulkier case, it should still protect well against scratches and bumps, and will offer some resistance to bigger drops and bangs. It’s not a bad little case if you want your phone’s beauty to shine through.

Dretal Shock Absorbing Magnetic Armor ($9)

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Looking for a little more protection? Dretal’s Magnetic Armor case is made from a combination of rigid polycarbonate plastic (PC) and soft TPU, giving it a hard backbone, as well as adequate shock-absorbency. It’s non-slip, thanks to the grain design on the back, and each corner is protected from drops by a rugged tire of TPU and an airbag that helps disperse shock. The sides have tactile button covers that make it easier for you to find the button you need, and an included metal panel means the phone can easily attach to magnetic car holders. This is a good all-around case that’s still pretty slim and good-looking.

KuGi Anti-Slip Case ($8)

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What about a little quiet style? KuGi’s anti-slip case has a style all its own, thanks to a back panel made of leather-style TPU that gives your phone an air of casual elegance. The leather grain effect also adds a bit of extra grip to the case, as do the angled cuts running down each side. The rest of the case is made from TPU, so you can expect the same drop-resistant and shock-absorbent qualities you’d see from other similar cases, and it even has a place to attach a lanyard for extra safety when you’re out and about.

Olixar Leather-Style Wallet Stand Case ($12)

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Wallet cases are great for a variety of reasons. They’re subtle and have an “executive” style, but they also commonly come with some extra utility that can be useful to the right person. This leather-style wallet flip case from Olixar hits all the right buttons, providing durable PU leather on the outside, paired with a tough shell on the inside that clips onto your phone and holds it tight. There’s space on the inside of the case for an extra credit card or some spare cash, and the case also folds around into a handy horizontal stand.

Want to know how the Moto G6 fares against some of its biggest rivals? We’ve pitted Motorola’s latest against the Honor 7X, and the previous king of the mountain, the Moto G5.

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