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These are the best Nokia 6.1 cases to keep your fantastic phone beautiful

Nokia 6.1 smartphone
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So you’ve bought a Nokia 6.1 (2018), and despite the tank-like build quality, you’re worried about keeping it in one piece before your next upgrade. That makes sense — budget handsets should last a good amount of time, and you don’t want a slip or tumble to affect that.

One of the easiest ways to put your mind at rest is to wrap your Nokia 6.1 in a protective case — but which one is best for you? We’ve done the hard work for you, narrowing down some of the best Nokia 6.1 cases that you can grab to protect your phone from the elements, bumps, and scratches.

Yiakeng Clear Case ($8)

So you want to slap a bit of protection on your phone, but you’re not keen on obscuring it from view. That’s fine — that’s exactly why clear cases are useful. Made from durable and soft-feeling thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), this clear case from Yiakeng wraps around your phone and helps to shield it by providing extra resistance — the shock-absorbent TPU mitigates harsh jolts that might otherwise cripple your phone. There’s also a raised lip around the camera lens and the display to stop those areas from resting on surfaces and it adds a good amount of grip, too. It’s not going to be the most protective case in the world but it will provide a decent level of protection while still allowing you to show off your phone.

Suesan Reinforced Clear Case ($8)

Looking for a clear case with a bit more protection? Suesan’s reinforced clear case could be the one for you. It’s also made from TPU, which means it has similar shock-absorbing qualities to other clear TPU cases on the market, as well as providing additional grip on your device. What really sets this case apart from other clear cases though, is the inclusion of some additional reinforcements that help to bolster your device against drops. It’s known that the corners of a device will usually be the part that takes the brunt of a drop, so Suesan added airbags to each corner of this case, effectively dispersing some of the damage before it reaches your phone. It’s bulkier than your usual clear case, but it does the job pretty well.

Vinve Anti-Scratch Case ($5)

Your Nokia 6.1 has an attractive, all-metal style, but what if you want to give it a new look? Cases aren’t just for protection, they can be used to completely change the look of your phone. This case from Vinve has a leather and brushed metal look that gives your phone a subtle executive style, while also offering some great protection. It’s obviously not brushed metal and leather (not at this price), instead, it’s made from specially textured TPU that also boosts grip and gives some good drop protection. There is a hardened TPU edge forming a bumper around the sides of your phone, helping to stop scratches and other damage, while the thin design means it adds barely any bulk to your phone.

Dretal Carbon Fiber-Style Case ($8)

Do your tastes run a bit more towards futuristic and sci-fi? Then check out this case from Dretal. Again made from our old friend TPU, this case has been styled into a duo of brushed metal and carbon fiber, with a look that is more than a bit science-fiction, and rather cool. The shock-absorbent TPU also comes with a hardened bumper edge and airbags at each of the corners, in order to help resist damage from falls and knocks, while the additional brushed metal textures and panels at either end help grip. It’s light, slim, and provides great protection and style for a bargain price.

Osophter Leather-Style Wallet Case ($10)

A bit of class never goes amiss and there is no reason not to look classy even if you’re on a budget, thanks to this wallet case from Osophter. It’s not made from real leather, but most people will be hard-pressed to tell the difference when they see it. The PU leather used to make the outside of the case is durable, easy-to-maintain, and exudes an air of business executive. Best of all, wallet cases never look out of place in any environment, so this is definitely a case you don’t need to swap out for another one in a different situation. Your phone is held in place with a TPU inner shell, which provides all the usual protection you expect, while the wallet cover flips over your display when not in use, protecting your screen.

Noreve Leather Wallet Case ($69+)

Your Nokia 6.1 deserves the best, and if you’re looking for luxury then you just found it. Noreve offers a massive range of leather cases for phones, and you would be hard-pressed to find many manufacturers that can top Noreve. While $69 for a case is a lot, especially when compared to other cases in this list, you get a whole lot for your money. The case is made of gorgeous genuine leather and a soft inner lining that nestles your phone and keeps it safe. If the smooth leather isn’t grabbing you, then you have the choice of many other materials and colors, from grained leather, all the way to the super-premium aged patine leather, so you can tailor your choice to fit your taste and budget. There is also the option to add a belt clip, and each wallet case comes with space for two credit cards.

Maikezi Hybrid Kickstand Case ($8)

If you need something that can take a little rough and tumble, then you’re probably interested in a more rugged case. This case from Maikezi is a dual-layer case, which means it uses soft and non-absorbent TPU as well as the harder material polycarbonate (PC). What does that mean for you? It means this case comes with all the shock-absorbency of TPU, paired with the durability and lightness of PC — a great combination that works well together in protective cases. The PC outer shell has been molded to add grip, and the back also comes with a horizontal kickstand that is perfect for watching media on the go. While the kickstand is a little flimsy, the case really isn’t and should protect well.

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