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The best Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra cases for peace of mind

best Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra cases
Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends
With a massive 6-inch screen and the incredible new dual-lens selfie cameras on the front of the phone, the Xperia XA2 Ultra may not have brought the design refresh fans were looking forward to, but it still looks set to take the midrange phone market by storm. Sometimes you need shelter from that storm, and while the XA2 Ultra is tough, its not without its weaknesses. Thankfully, they can be shored up with a little bit of help. That’s why we’re here with the best Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra cases that you can buy to keep your pride and joy safe from the hazardous world out there.

AVIDET Ultra-Clear Gel Case ($8)

So you’re in a quandary — you want to keep your phone protected, but you’re in love with the XA2 Ultra‘s design, and want to be able to see it. What do you do? Thankfully, the answer for this clearly important question is right here: A clear gel case. It might not be as protective as a bulky, rugged case, but the soft TPU material provides good protection against minor falls and bumps, and keeps the body of your phone safe from scratches and other similar hazards. Best of all, since it’s completely clear, it won’t block your view of your phone’s design.


Roxfit Ultra Precision Hard Shell ($16)

Roxfit is the case-maker for Sony Xperia phones, and it wears its “Made for Xperia” label proudly. As well it should, because Roxfit cases are among the best you can get for your Xperia phone. The Ultra Precision Hard Shell case clips around the outside of your phone, protecting the body from scratches and damage. While the hard material won’t be the first choice for anyone worried about drop damage (it lacks the shock-absorption of TPU “gel” cases), it will offer great protection against most other damage, including bumps against hard materials and scratches from keys or coins in the same pocket. A raised bezel at the front of the phone keeps the screen from touching surfaces, and the slim minimalist design ensures that you’ll easily forget it’s on there once applied.

Mobile Fun Roxfit

TOPAce Shock Resistant Carbon Fiber-Style Case ($9)

Who says protection can’t be stylish? Style is very subjective, but we think you’ll agree that this case from TOPAce looks pretty good. The brushed metal look of the body gives way to carbon fiber-style panels at either end of the case — but don’t be fooled by the looks. You’re dealing with shock-resistant and durable TPU here, so don’t think this case is hard and lacks in drop protection. Quite the opposite, in fact; airbag-like pockets at each of the corners distribute shock around the absorbent material, and away from your phone. A raised edge keeps your phone from touching dirty surfaces, and the case itself adds grip and prevents unsightly fingerprints from forming.


Olixar Armadillo Rugged Case ($15)

How about adding some extra utility to your phone? Olixar‘s Armadillo isn’t just an excellent protective choice, with a dual-layer construction that offers the best of hard cases and gel cases by combining TPU and polycarbonate (PC) — it also comes with a handy kickstand on the rear. The kickstand is flicked out easily, perfect for media viewing on the go, or simply for people to prop their phone up where they can see it. The rugged looks will appeal to anyone who wants a case that looks like it belongs in a post-apocalyptic survival flick, while the textured TPU materials means it’s even easier to keep a hold of your phone.

Mobile Fun

Official Sony Style Cover Stand Case ($46)

If you really want the best possible quality and fit, why not go straight to Sony itself? The company offers some great cases for the Xperia XA2 Ultra, including this Style Cover Stand Case. It’s a combination of a hard, PC inner case that clips onto your phone and protects the sides and back, and a softer, bifolding cover that wraps around the front of your phone to protect the screen when it’s not in use. You can fold the cover into a horizontal stand for your phone, and when you’re done with watching a film, YouTube, or whatever, flipping the cover over your screen puts your phone into sleep mode, pausing whatever you were watching automatically. It’s slim and form-fitting to the XA2 Ultra, and provides great protection. It’s on the pricey side, but you’ll struggle to find a quality flip case like this anywhere else.

Mobile Fun Sony

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