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Cupertino clockwork: iPhone 5 and iPad 2 will be on time, after all

apple releaseJust as we began preparing ourselves for yet another Apple product delay, Reuters is claiming any mounting concern is for naught.

Delay rumors got started with started with analysts speculating that both the iPad 2 and iPhone 5 would be delayed a matter of months, launching in June or July and September, respectively. While these aren’t outrageous push backs, consumers have already rescheduled their days to wait in line for the iPad’s upgrade multiple times and haven’t even heard word of the iPhone 5 yet.

So if yours was one of the millions of hearts pounding wildly this morning at the thought of waiting even longer, rest easy. According to Reuters, a source “familiar with the matter” says that the rumors pinning back the iPad 2’s release are “’simply not true,’ as Apple is planning a launch in the seasonal schedule as the first iPad.”

Earlier this morning, Reuters was the one fueling speculation that the iPad 2 may not have made an appearance until June. Brokerage firm Yuanta Securities told the site that production stalls would make a delayed launch probable. And while Reuters’ “insider” says the iPad 2 will be on time, another source says if it is late, it’s for a good reason. Morgon Keegan analyst Tavic McCourt says any holdup could be because Apple would add enhanced features to the tablet.

But what about the iPhone 5? FBR Capital Markets analyst Craig Berger told Business Insider that production and parts assembly make a September release more likely. Reuters’ iPad 2 delay denouncement failed to make any mention of the iPhone 5’s scheduling, but multiple news sites and fan blogs are claiming the Apple smartphone upgrade launch is on track for its determined summer announcement as well.

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