Finally! Instagram now lets you edit captions


There can’t be a smartphone user in the world who hasn’t hit the ‘send’ or ‘post’ button at the very same moment as spotting a horrible autocorrect fail or simple typo.

Until Monday, posting a mistyped caption on Instagram meant you’d have to tap out a quick correction and chuck it in the comments, or delete the image and start over. Or just leave it and ignore the subsequent responses asking what in hell’s name the title meant.

instagram edit

The app’s latest update, however, means you can now dive back in and edit your captions, saving you a bit of time and swearing should autocorrect attempt to ruin your day.

In a blog post announcing the new feature, the Facebook-owned company said the ability to edit captions has been “one of the top requests” from Instagram users. To use it, simply tap on the Edit option beneath the image (shown right) and carefully tap out the appropriate letters while calmly ignoring any attempt by autocorrect to mess things up.

This latest update, which is available now for Android and iOS devices, also includes a change to the app’s Explore page, which is supposed to “make it faster to find people you want to follow.”

So if you tap on Explore’s new ‘magnifying glass’ icon at the bottom of the display, you’ll be presented with two tabs – one for Photos, the other for People. While Photos shows up a scrolling grid of images and videos just as it did before, tap on People and you’ll be presented with a bunch of accounts Instagram thinks you might be interested in following.