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Google is bringing new ad formats to its products on mobile devices

google ad controls

It looks like ads on mobile are about to feature a little more prominently. Google announced a series of new ad types for its mobile products — some of which may be a little more intrusive than others.

Ad types range in function and size and will range in location that they’ll be displayed too. For example, you’ll start to see ads in the Google Discover feed, which is where many get their news stories and other content that they may be interested in on their Android phone. You will also start seeing so-called “gallery” ads, with which advertisers can show multiple images and allow users to swipe through those images, and there will soon be ads in the actual Google app and on the Google homepage on mobile.

It’s not all that surprising to see Google try to make ads on mobile a little more prominent — after all, advertising is Google’s core business. The ad formats are specifically designed to be more noticeable on mobile devices, with the idea being that more noticeable ads will be used more, which will ultimately make Google and advertisers more money. According to Google’s blog post, the new ad formats resulted in up to 25% more interactions.

The new ad formats are expected to be more widely released in Google’s mobile products later in the year.

Google is also making a new Google Shopping experience, and it should hopefully make for a better online shopping experience for many users. The new Google Shopping service will allow users to compare products at a glance and quickly and easily buy those products when they want to. This could particularly come in handy for retailers, who might want to take advantage of the new Google Shopping to advertise their products.

New ads are coming to YouTube, too. The new ad formats will be located alongside recommended videos, meaning that advertisers don’t necessarily need video ads to advertise on YouTube. These ads on YouTube will be the same formats as in other Google products.

We’ll have to wait and see just how intrusive Google’s new ad formats are, and hopefully, they won’t interrupt the mobile user experience too much.

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