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Pixel Watch update brings a much-requested Apple Watch feature

The Pixel Watch is a solid first outing as Google’s debut smartwatch. However, it’s still lacking a handful of features that early adopters have been requesting that are found on similar devices. Luckily, today marks the start of the rollout of one frequently requested feature: fall detection.

Fall detection is a crucial health and safety feature that all smartwatches are better for having, and now the Pixel Watch is finally joining the ranks of the Apple Watch and the Galaxy Watch with its addition.

Google Pixel Watch with a recycled loop strap.
Andrew Martonik / Digital Trends

After the Pixel Watch launched last year without any fall detection features, fans were rightfully upset. For all of the health features it boasts, the Pixel Watch was missing what could be considered one of the most important. Google heard the feedback from fans and announced that the company would be adding it in a future Pixel Watch update. In the March 2023 Pixel Watch update that went live today, fall detection, among a laundry list of other features, was finally added.

While it might seem a little trivial at first glance, fall detection is actually an incredibly important and potentially lifesaving health feature. Ever since fall detection became a common feature in flagship smartwatches, there have been countless reports of tit saving lives and aiding people who otherwise would have been left without help. Now that the Pixel Watch has it, users can finally breathe easy knowing that if they fall and can’t get back up again while away from their phone, they’ll be able to get the assistance they need.

Hopefully, the Pixel Watch is able to better justify its pricing now that its health and wellness features are starting to get on par with the rest of the devices on the market.

Take note that if you’re eager to get fall detection activated on your Pixel Watch, you may still need to wait for the update as it continues to roll out. Luckily, Google’s updates tend to roll out pretty quickly, so you won’t be waiting for long. To make sure your Pixel Watch updates as soon as the patch goes live, be sure to turn on auto-updates.

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