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Google Play Awards nominees are in … and amazing

Google announced the nominees for this year’s annual Google Play Awards, including awards for all kinds of different apps and games that can be downloaded straight from the Google Play Store.

The winners for each category will be announced on May 7 at Google I/O, and are aimed at representing the best of the best apps on Google Play. This year is the third year that Google is running the Google Play Awards and Google is highlighting a few new categories this time around — including augmented reality and virtual reality categories.

There are a few categories of apps. First up, there are well-being apps, which are defined by Google as apps that empower users to “live the best version of their lives, while demonstrating responsible design and engagement strategies.” There are a few apps in this category — including Clue, a period-tracking app; Lifesum, a diet planner and calorie counter; and Headspace, a meditation and mindfulness app.

The second category is “Best Accessibility Experience,” and is aimed at offering a game or helpful app to those with disabilities or special needs. Apps include Audio Game Hub, which is an audio-based game, and Be My Eyes, in which users who can see can help blind people with tasks through a video feed.

There are a few gaming categories, including “Standout Indie” games, which have to be developed by independent developers, and “Best Community Building Game,” which are aimed at connecting gamers. In the latter category, you’ll find apps like Pokémon Go and PUBG Mobile.

As mentioned, AR and VR experiences are highlighted, too. There is a category dedicated to “Best AR or VR Experience,” and in that category, you wéill find a few different apps. For example, BBC Earth: Life in VR and Porsche Mission E are both nominated as the best in that category.

There are a few other categories, including “Standout Startup,” which highlights apps from new developers, and “Standout Build for Billions Experience,” which includes apps and games optimized for performance and localized for emerging markets. Last but not least is “Best Breakthrough Hit,” which includes high-profile apps like Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition.

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