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Did your favorite app make the grade in the Play Store’s Best of 2017 list?

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There’s still a whole month left of 2017 (and Christmas!), so now might not be the best time to release your best of 2017 list — but, apparently, nobody thought to tell Google.

Google’s Best of 2017 list compiles the best-selling, most-streamed, and most-downloaded movies, TV shows, books, songs, games, and apps from the entirety of Google’s Play Store, throughout 2017. We’re not going to list all the winners, but some of them deserve commenting on.

It’s clearly been a very good year for a few of the entries on the list and success in the Play Store usually indicates some form of success outside of the store too. Disney has clearly had a fantastic year, with four out of the five best-selling movies on the list being connected with one of their licenses, with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Moana, and two Marvel films making the grade. Out the movie winners, only Wonder Woman doesn’t belong to the House of Mouse.

google best of 2017

The theme of outside success impacting on the Play Store continued into the list of best-selling books; two of the winning books saw major adaptations this year, with both Stephen King’s It and Thirteen Reasons Why making the top five. Hype is clearly huge for the upcoming Ready Player One movie, with sales of the 2011 released book being enough to get into fifth place. It’s a similar story in the gaming section, with Super Mario Run topping the list of the most popular 2017 release — sales of the Nintendo Switch are constantly soaring, and Super Mario Run is clearly riding that wave.

No one should be surprised to see the list of TV shows, with long-time favorites Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead making the grade. Rick & Morty beat out The Walking Dead to take a second place, though fans may be sad to see the animation wasn’t enough to beat the dominance of Game of Thrones. In apps, it has clearly been a mixed year, with Android users alternately editing their photos, checking out the weather forecast, and watching old cartoons and viral videos.

You can check out the full list over on Google’s blog, and you can find all the winners in the special Best of 2017 section on the Play Store. While you’re at it, check out our favorite Android apps as well.

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