HTC trolls Samsung’s Galaxy S4 launch event with Pringles and hot cocoa

HTC trolls Samsung

Samsung has every intention of going above and beyond with it’s Galaxy S4 launch. The company took over Radio City Music Hall in New York City, put together a fancy film-like introduction for its latest handset, and is treating it like the start of a rock tour. But you know what Samsung didn’t have? Hot chocolate. Don’t worry, HTC came ready to party.

Maybe HTC just happened to show up on the same corner that everyone going to the Samsung Galaxy S4 event was waiting at. Maybe the people it sent just happened to be equipped with the HTC One and HTC-branded hot chocolate dispenser. It could all be a total coincidence. Or it could be the best way to leech off another company’s spotlight. Not only did HTC hit up these people before they could get in the door to see the Galaxy S4, but they also warmed their hearts (and stomachs) with free cocoa. Well played, HTC.