It looks like Amazon’s next Kindle Fire HD will have some sharp corners

kindle fire hd pictures leaked 2 bgr shot

It’s just about time for Amazon to lift the curtains on some new Kindle Fire tablets. Amazon has already officially revealed the new Kindle Paperwhite ebook reader, but it’s remaining quiet on the Fire front. BGR has obtained a some pictures of what it thinks are the next Kindle Fire HD tablets. These images come from “a trusted source,” and show a rigid, more prism-like new design for the 7-inch tablet. There will supposedly be another 8.9-inch version as well, which will look just like this, only larger.

kindle-fire-hd-2-bgrNotable design changes include better power and volume buttons, speakers that are now on the top of the tablet instead of the back, and the removal of the metal band that ran across the back of the 2012 HD tablets.

The new Kindle Fire lineup is said to have screens with Full HD+ resolutions, like Apple’s Retina iPads, and a number of hardware advancements like fancy new Qualcomm 800 processors, but we don’t know much about the software yet. Previous rumors by BGR did claim that the new Kindle Fires would have a “chiseled” look to them and these pictures certainly support that claim.

For a full list of every rumor that we’ve heard about the 2013 Kindle Fires, please check out our full Kindle Fire 2013 Rumor Roundup. We’ll add these new leaked shots to the roundup soon.

Check out BGR’s full gallery to see more images of the new Fire HD.

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