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Want to be one of the beautiful people? Then Beaumoji have been made just for you

Emoji enthusiasts, rejoice — your lexicon is about to get a whole lot bigger. L’Oréal USA has announced the launch of “Beaumoji,” a messaging keyboard that has not only emoji lovers, but cosmetics connoisseurs in mind. Let’s be honest — there’s probably quite a bit of overlap between those two categories. With 130 playful and trendy emojis created exclusively for beauty enthusiasts, it’s never been easier to talk about the latest makeup trends not only via text, but by way of emoji. And that, my friends, is clearly the way of the future. 

As exhausting as it may be to scroll through all the emojis currently available in the Unicode Consortium’s suite, there actually exists a distinct shortage when it comes to the cosmetics universe. Currently, only two such emojis exist — lipstick and nails. As any makeup lover will tell you, that’s nowhere near enough.

But thanks to Beaumoji, this tragic oversight has been addressed. The keyboard is organized into a number of different categories — “It Girl” features illustrations of current beauty trends, “Pampered Life” shows characters indulging in beauty experiences, and “beYOUtiful” encourages users to flaunt their personal style. Best of all, the app is totally free for both iOS and Android users, and seasonal updates will add new emojis to ensure that you’re always on trend, on fleek, and in vogue.

Furthermore, if the emoji that says everything you want is missing from the list, L’Oréal’s running an emoji design contest, with the prize of a trip to New York City for a one-night stay and a VIP ticket to Beautycon Festival New York for the winner. Come up with something cool, add the hashtag #BeaumojiContest, and it could be you.

So celebrate both your inner and outer diva and download your own set of makeup-centric Beaumojis right now.


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