Miniature ‘Minuum’ keyboard spotted on a Galaxy Gear

minuum spotted galaxy gear galaxygear

Remember Minuum? The Indiegogo that raised more than $80,000 back in March has since come to thousands of Android devices, and now the developers are sizing up a new target: smartwatches.

Earlier this morning the Minuum developers sent out an email update to their backers, announcing a new update to the Android version of their minimalist keyboard, as well as a special sneak peak via YouTube. The video turned out to be a test build of Minuum running on none other than the Galaxy Gear, Samsung’s Android-powered smartwatch.

Back when we covered Minuum and interviewed its founder, Will Walmsley, we were told how an Android keyboard was just the beginning for Minuum. It was already planning to get its keyboard technology on pretty much anything that can accept some sort of input. The Galaxy Gear is technically still Android, but to see Minuum on a smartwatch is a welcome sight, especially since it, by far, has some of the most limited screen real estate among all devices out there.

The sneak peak is just that though, and we have no word on whether this is an upcoming app will be available for the Galaxy Gear, or if this was nothing more than a proof of concept that requires a rooted or hacked Galaxy Gear to even install. We’ve reached out to the team behind Minuum, Whirlscape, for more information, and we’ll keep updated as they let us know what’s going on with this new platform support. For now, enjoy the preview video below.