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Give your iPhone 6 or 6S military-grade drop protection with this metal bumper case

A lot of iPhone cases sacrifice good looks in the pursuit of dependable protection for your phone, but with Moshi’s iGlaze Luxe, you won’t have to. This durable and rugged bumper case not only provides a high degree of protection, it also looks awesome.

The metal shell exterior is wafer thin and constructed from durable yet lightweight aircraft grade aluminum that complements and accentuates the iPhone 6’s natural style. With a firm squeeze, it splits in two near the bottom of the case, so you can install your phone in the shock absorbent inner rubber frame that helps reduce impacts from everyday bumps and drops. Each case comes with two frames, black or light gray, so you can choose the color that suits you and also have a spare.

Unlike most bumper cases, which only protect the edges of your phone, the Luxe includes a clear acrylic back window that shields the back of the phone against scratches and dents while showing off the iPhone’s design. The acrylic itself isn’t scratch resistant, though and showed signs of scuffing pretty quickly.

The case doesn’t add significant weight or thickness to the phone, which makes it feel more or less like a naked iPhone in your hand. The raised rubber rims around the front and back of the phone provide extra grip and also serve to lift the phone’s surfaces off tables and desks preventing scratches. The outer buttons for volume and sleep are covered with metallic buttons, but they’re still fairly easy to press. Along the bottom, the cutouts for the ports, mic, and speaker are spot on and large enough to accommodate most third-party headphone jacks and charging cables.

In terms of durability, there’s no comparison to plastic bumpers that can crack or snap on hard enough impacts. While the aluminum likely won’t break, keep in mind a high enough drop could still shatter your screen, even if the case stays intact. However, with certified military-grade 4-foot drop protection, this bumper will shield your phone from most of life’s daily mishaps. You can find it on Moshi’s website for $45 in four colors: gold, pink, orange, and gray.


  • Sleek, slim design
  • Military-grade drop protection
  • Accurate cutouts
  • Multiple layers of protection


  • Acrylic back is easy to scuff
  • Not as durable as some extreme cases

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