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Motorola takes a dig at Samsung’s iPhone parody with ‘up-upgrade’ ad

Motorola - Up-upgrade
Samsung’s recent ad attempting to persuade iPhone fans to ditch their Apple-made handsets in favor of the Galaxy Note 8 was a clever piece of marketing that put a smile on the faces of many who watched it. The ad ended by imploring people to “upgrade to Galaxy.”

Lenovo-owned Motorola, clearly not one to miss a trick, has now responded with its own amusing effort that takes on both Samsung and Apple.

The 30-second ad (above) effectively carries on from where Samsung’s effort left off, with the protagonist, having finally jumped ship from Apple to Samsung, looking satisfied with his $930 Note 8.

Chilling out at home with his partner beside him, he happily shows her the video he shot of the two of them out together, with the picture looking great on the device’s gorgeous 6.3-inch display.

His partner, who in the Samsung ad persuaded the guy to get the Note 8, gives him a look as if it to say, “Didn’t I tell you? I got rid of the Galaxy.”

She reaches for her $500, 5.5-inch Moto Z2 Play, slots it into one of the device’s many modular options, and places it on the coffee table. Before the guy can say, “But you just told me to get the Note 8,” we’re all watching the Z2 Play project the same video onto 70 inches of wall in the couple’s living room. And it looks great.

The guy cracks half a smile, with the other half of his mouth refusing to join in as he weighs up the hassle of switching phones again. Even though he really should be happy with the Note 8.

The ad closes by mocking the ending of Samsung’s ad, telling us to “up-upgrade to Motorola.”

And in case you missed it the first time around, here’s the Samsung ad that Motorola mocks:

Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up

While we don’t expect that too many people will be rushing to swap their Note 8 for a Moto Z phone, the ad nevertheless gets the word out about the modular system of the Z family, which lets you easily add feature-boosting devices like a speaker, camera, battery, and yes, a projector, to your handset. The mods don’t come cheap though, with the projector, for example, coming with a $300 price tag.

DT has in-depth reviews of both the Z2 Play and the Galaxy Note 8, so go check ’em out.

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