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Move Over, Sidekick: Microsoft to Debut Pure and Turtle Phones on April 12

Earlier today, Microsoft sent tantalizing, mysterious announcements to select members of the press. Among others, claimed to have received a cardboard tube with the tag line “It’s Time to Share”, and an invitation to attend a Microsoft launch event on April 12th in San Francisco. No further details were revealed, but within minutes, the speculation began.

But there are few ways faster to inspire leaks than by teasing journalists and bloggers that they will have to wait for answers. Within a few hours, Cnet announced the mystery to be solved; the event will be the announcement of the long-awaited Microsoft cell phones code-named Pure and Turtle. Both are suspected to be somewhat similar to the T-Mobile Sidekick – a phone developed by phone maker Danger, which Microsoft acquired in 2008.

These are not the much-anticipated (and much-delayed) Windows Phone 7 Series phones that are scheduled to launch sometime later this year as direct competitors to the iPhone. They do show that Microsoft is determined to fight its way back into the lucrative phone market that Apple has firmly become a leader and trend setter in.

The phones expected to debut on the 12th will be Verizon exclusives, and should be due out within a month of the event.

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