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You’ll have to try really hard to lose Nomad’s new battery pack

Battery packs for our smartphones often save the day, but only if they’re actually with us when we need them, rather than being hidden under some clutter at home, or left in the coffee shop. Nomad’s latest PowerPack solves the problem of either hunting around for the thing when you’re supposed to be running for the train, or forgetful enough that you’re always leaving it places. It comes with Tile’s tracking technology built in, so it’s instantly locatable using an app on your phone.

Tile is well known for its tiny Bluetooth positioning gadgets, handy for keeping tabs on important items, and battery packs are notoriously easy to mislay. It’s really easy to use. The Tile app is available for iOS and Android, and linking the PowerPack to the app takes just a few seconds, but does require registration first. Once you’re done, the PowerPack appears on a map in the app in real-time, so it’s always easy to find. You can even activate an audible alarm if it’s hidden away.

You’ll want to find the PowerPack too. It’s $100 for a start, which isn’t cheap for a battery pack, but it does come with a massive 9,000mAh battery inside. That’s enough for three charges on the majority of smartphones, and a single full charge plus a little more on many tablets. Nomad has embraced USB Type-C on the PowerPack, so it’ll fast charge compatible hardware, plus there’s a normal full-size USB port to plug in your Lightning or MicroUSB cable.

Handily, the fast charging also works for charging up the pack itself, a definite bonus given the cell’s capacity. The whole thing is wrapped up in a rubber-covered body that’s built to withstand drops of up to 1.2-meters. It’s a chunky little thing, but the weight has been kept to a minimum — 200 grams — so it’s easy to carry around. If there’s a downside, apart from the initial outlay, it’s that Tile requires constant access to location services on your phone, which may see the battery drain slightly faster than usual.

The Nomad PowerPack with Tile is available through Nomad’s website right now.

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