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You’ll never have to worry about ink again with HP’s new Neverstop Laser printer

HP Neverstop Laser 1000w Product Video English for EMEA

Whether you own an efficient laserjet or a cheaper inkjet printer, you’ll always have to buy cartridges and think about swapping out ink or toner when it has run dry. It something consumers and IT departments alike have always had to deal with, but HP has listened to the complaints. The company now offers a cartridge-free printer in an effort to resolve the age-old printer-ink problem.

Instead of featuring traditional toner cartridges, the new HP Neverstop Laser printer utilizes what HP is calling a “toner tank.” Right out of the box, this tank can yield up to 10 times more pages than traditional printers of the same class. That adds up to a total of 5,000 pages with the included refill in the box. It is a technology that is relatively similar to  Epson’s EcoTank or Supertank printers, which are refilled with ink bottles instead of toner or cartridges.

With HP’s new system, the tank itself takes the place of a traditional cartridge and is refilled with ink that comes in the form of a syringe, as initially noted by TechRadar. Refilling the tank is also a seamless process when compared to pulling out toner or inkjet cartridges. In as little as 15 seconds, you just shake and place the toner tank on top a slot in the printer, screw it down into place, and then hit a plunger on the top the syringe.

Compared to the traditional process of pulling out toner cartridges from a printer bay, or inkjet cartridges from a print head, there’s no mess involved. The end-user can also save up to 80% in final costs by opting for a Neverstop Laser printer when compared to an HP printer with traditional toner.

“By reducing common printing interruptions with breakthrough innovations, mobile applications, and digital integration, HP Neverstop Laser gives entrepreneurs a competitive edge to turn their passion into a thriving business,” said Anneliese Olson, global head and general manager of HP’s home printing solutions.

Currently, there are four models of the Neverstop Last Printer. The Neverstop Laser 1000a, the Neverstop Laser Wireless 1000w, the Neverstop Laser MFP 1200a, and Neverstop Laser Wireless MFP 1200w.

It would appear as though both printers will only initially available in the Middle East. Pricing is not yet available, but it is likely to expand to the United States soon.  If you’re looking for a new printer, we’ve got a guide that has you covered.

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