OnePlus lets you have a say in its Black Friday discounts

oneplus black friday discounts one feature

In an email sent to subscribers, OnePlus announced that it would celebrate Black Friday by discounting several of its accessories. However, in tune with the company’s approach to its smartphone, the OnePlus One, OnePlus is taking a rather unique approach to those discounts.

“All the accessories your heart desires, including the JBL E1+ earphones, will be available at discounted prices,” said OnePlus in the email. “Those prices, however, will be determined by you.” According to the email, discounts will be determined by how many Facebook shares each accessory receives. For example, with the JBL E1+ earphones, 8,000 shares will lead to a 10 percent discount, while 20,000 shares will lead to a 20 percent discount.

Accessories up for discounts include the aforementioned earphones, several screen protectors, cases, and the OnePlus One data cable. Interestingly, there’s no word on whether the OnePlus One smartphones will receive Black Friday discounts. The phone is already much less expensive than other comparable handsets, though, so if you can wheedle an invite out of someone, it’s still a good deal.