OnePlus chief confirms OnePlus 2 plans and release schedule

Chinese firm OnePlus is on the up-and-up: Its OnePlus One smartphone was well received by reviewers and users alike, and sales surpassed the company’s expectations by a long way. Co-founder Carl Pei has been chatting about his plans for the rest of 2015 — and it turns out you might have to wait a little longer for your OnePlus 2 than we previously thought.

It is definitely the “OnePlus 2” rather than the “OnePlus Two” Pei told AusDroid at Google I/O. He also said that while an event was scheduled for tomorrow (June 1), it won’t be the big reveal for the company’s next flagship phone. Instead, it’s going to appear in Q3 2015 (so July, August, or September). The rumors are that tomorrow’s announcement could be related to a price cut for the OnePlus One, but Pei didn’t elaborate.

He confirmed that the OnePlus 2 would come with the firm’s own OxygenOS software in Europe and the U.S., and that a HydrogenOS variant would be in place for Asian markets. Australians have yet to see OnePlus hardware on sale domestically, and Pei said that won’t change anytime soon — though he’d like to see it happen eventually.

Pei revealed that OnePlus would be copying the OnePlus One’s invite system for the OnePlus 2, though this time around there are going to be more invites to grab. The company is “a lot more confident” going into its second smartphone launch, Pei said, though it’s still “super anxious” about how well the OnePlus 2 is going to sell.

Such has been the buzz around the OnePlus One, Pei shouldn’t have anything to worry about. The phone’s combination of good specs, low price, and wealth of customization options has proved a hit with buyers and the imminent arrival of an upgraded model should boost the company’s profile even further.

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