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Pandora launches iOS app for the Pebble smartwatch

Pebble Steel Smartwatch
Detailed on the official Pandora blog earlier today, anyone that owns both an iOS device and the Pebble smartwatch will be able to control streaming music service Pandora directly from the watch interface. While Android support is also in the works for Pandora users, iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad users first need to download Pandora within the Pebble app store for iOS. Once installed, Pebble users will be able to view the name of the song and artist currently playing as well as skip tracks and play or pause the music as well as change to another station entirely.

Pandora users can also provide feedback through the watch interface, basically giving a thumbs up or thumbs down to the song. For those unfamiliar with the feedback system, a thumbs up means the user likes the song and wants to hear more songs like it. Alternatively, a thumbs down means that the user never wants to hear the song on that particular station again.


All of these features are definitely helpful for anyone that likes to exercise regularly. For instance, anyone that enjoys running can skip between songs with greater ease than having to pull out the smartphone during the run. It’s also helpful when performing chores around the home as you don’t have to track down your mobile device to change the music.

In addition to the official launch of Pebble support, representatives at Pandora also released an update to the iPad version of the application that includes the alarm clock feature that was rolled out for the iPhone during December 2013. This feature lets the user wake up to a specific Pandora station in the morning as well as hit the snooze button repeatedly to avoid getting out of bed. There’s also a sleep timer function that offers users the ability to fall asleep listening to music before turning off the station at a predetermined time in the evening.

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