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Phoozy is an astronaut suit and ‘thermal capsule’ for your phone

phoozy thermal capsule 1
Many beachgoers put their phones in plastic bags to protect their valuables from water and sand. While that’s better than no protection at all, it’s not the perfect solution. Leave your device out in the sun, and it can quickly overheat, doing some serious damage over the long term. That’s part of the thinking behind the Phoozy, a “thermal capsule” for your phone developed to protect it from the elements.

The product basically resembles a small pouch with a highly reflective material on the outside. If it sort of looks like what astronauts wear, that’s because it is, according to the company. Thanks to that outer “Chromium Shell,” the Phoozy can send 90 percent of the sun’s rays away from your phone. Beneath the surface, there’s a harder core that boasts military-grade drop protection, and a soft-touch inner lining to ensure your phone doesn’t get scuffed up bouncing around in there.

Roll that all together, and the Phoozy is built to handle some serious abuse, including extreme heat and cold, serious falls, and even being dropped in the ocean. And if your phone does go for a swim in the Phoozy, the pouch has been designed to float.

The Phoozy accomplishes all this while maintaining your phone’s safe operating temperature. Of course, you’ll have to take it out to use it, which is a downside. But if you have a particularly active lifestyle, you won’t need to worry about your $700 investment being destroyed as you’re getting on with the rest of your life. And that offers some valuable peace of mind.

Unfortunately, the product isn’t quite one-size-fits all — Phoozy makes a few differently sized pouches to fit different phones. Actually, the company goes a step further, with two color options. Though the standard silver is offered for a majority of devices, there’s a gold option on the way for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

No matter what phone you buy it for, the Phoozy runs $30. That’s not an awful price considering Lifeproof cases start at $90, and don’t accomplish half of what the Phoozy does. You also won’t be forced to put your phone in a bulky, hard plastic case, which is another plus.

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