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Catch ’em all with a Pokémon-themed Galaxy Z Flip 3 (if you live in South Korea)

If you’re a Pokémon fan who’s tired of searching high and low for the best gaming-themed phone cases for your device, we got something exciting for you. Samsung has announced a Pokémon Edition of the Galaxy Z Flip 3, which looks to be more valuable than your Pokémon trading cards and Pokémon gym badges combined. There’s just one catch: It might be available exclusively in South Korea.


This special edition Galaxy Z Flip 3 comes with the phone itself and various Pokémon accessories, including a Pokédex-themed phone pouch with a lanyard strap, a set of two Pikachu cases with rings — one clear and the other bold yellow — a Pikachu keychain, a set of six mini Pokémon cards, and a Poké Ball phone stand. The phone will also be equipped with Pokémon-themed ringtones, themes, and wallpapers.

The announcement of the Pokémon-themed device comes on the heels of Samsung’s collaboration with designer Thom Browne late last year, which added his signature red, white, and blue stripes to the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3, which cost $2,350 and $3,350, respectively. Those phones were sold alongside the Thom Browne Edition of the Galaxy 4 Watch Classic, which cost a merciful $800.

Samsung hasn’t revealed any further details about the Pokémon Edition Galaxy Flip 3 other than it will be released on April 25. The cost of the collectible phone is unknown, but chances are it might cost a little more than the standard $1,000 mark the regular Galaxy Z Flip 3 usually gets. Whether it will be released to Pokémon fans outside of South Korea is also unknown.

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