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Realme launches MagDart, a MagSafe-style wireless charger for its Android phones

Apple is no longer the only company making a circular magnetic charging disc for use with its phones. Realme has launched MagDart, a wireless charging system which it says is the first magnetic wireless charger for Android phones. Just like Apple’s system is only for iPhones, MagDart is only for Realme’s own phones, rather than any Android device. It hasn’t stopped at the charging disc either, but has also announced a MagDart power bank, a case, a wallet, and even a selfie light that uses the system.

At the heart of MagDart is Realme’s SuperDart 50W wall charger and a 15W, 3.9mm thick wireless charging disc. By separating the two sections, Realme says it keeps the temperatures under control, which is further assisted by an active cooling system. This allows a faster charging speed, with a 4500mAh battery expected to go from zero to 100% in less than an hour. Wireless charging is usually considerably slower than its wired alternative, but MagDart seems to minimize the difference.

Realme MagDart charging puck.

The MagDart Power Bank, which is made from leather and aluminum, either magnetically attaches to the back of a phone, or to a special charging plinth that turns it into a vertical desktop stand. The baseplate then charges the power bank at the same time as it’s charging the phone, so it’s ready to go when you are. More unusual is the MagDart Beauty Light, which is a magnetic selfie light that attaches to the back of your phone. There’s also a wallet with a kickstand, and a MagDart-compatible bumper case too.

Realme MagDart products.

However, MagDart isn’t quite ready for release yet, and it’s also not going to be compatible with all of Realme’s phones with wireless charging either. To use MagDart you’ll also need the Realme Flash phone, which is currently only a concept. There are no further details about the phone, apart from it having a 4500mAh battery inside, and it’s not clear when MagDart or the Realme Flash will be released. Digital Trends has requested information on this and will update when we hear back.

Apple introduced MagSafe with the iPhone 12 series last year, and it has grown into another accessory ecosystem for the company, including cases, car chargers, power banks, and desktop stands. Realme is the first company to come out with a direct alternative for Android devices.

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