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Scosche unveils several new iPhone MagSafe car mounts at CES 2022

Scosche Industries is kicking off CES 2022 with a new lineup of MagSafe-compatible versions of its MagicMount family of products, allowing owners of Apple’s latest iPhone models to easily anchor their smartphones in their cars without the need for special cases or magnetic plates.

MagicMount Pro Charge5

Scosche MagicMount Pro Charge 5.

First up is the MagicMount Pro Charge5, which is designed to both hold and charge the iPhone 12 and newer models using Apple’s MagSafe technology. Powerful Neodymium magnets align with the MagSafe ring of magnets in the iPhone to securely hold the device in place while driving, and Scosche has engineered the MagSafe attachment to handle everything from the smaller iPhone mini to the full-sized iPhone Pro Max.

The Charge5 is also fully MagSafe-certified, so it can fast-charge an iPhone 12 or later at full 15W speeds. Scosche has included a bonus 20W USB-C charging port to let you power up a second device at the same time.

Although owners of recent iPhone models will get the most from the MagicMount Pro Charge5, as with prior Scosche mounts, it’s also capable of charging any Qi-enabled iPhone or Android phone. These can be attached using the included Scosche MagicPlate. The MagicMount Pro Charge 5 will be available this spring in four mounting options at an MSRP of $65.

MagicMount Pro MagSafe

Product photo of Scosche MagicMount Pro MagSafe.

For those looking for a secure mount without built-in charging, the new MagicMount Pro MagSafe offers the same strong Neodymium magnets to hold an iPhone 12 or newer device securely in place. The Scosche MagicPlate is also included to offer compatibility with older iPhone models and Android smartphones. The MagicMount Pro MagSafe mounts will be available this spring in three mounting options at an MSRP of $45.

Finally, Scosche’s MagicMount MSC offers a solution for folks who are willing to supply their own Apple MagSafe charger. This mount features the same strong Neodymium magnets as Scosche’s other MagSafe mounts, which securely hold both an Apple MagSafe charger and an iPhone 12 or newer, so that you can keep your iPhone accessible and powered up at the same time.

The MagicMount MSC head swivels 360 degrees to allow you to view your iPhone in portrait or landscape orientation while still keeping the MagSafe charger properly aligned, so the iPhone remains firmly held in place. The MagicMount MSC is coming in February at an MSRP of $35.

Scosche’s new MagicMount accessories will also be available in a variety of mounting options, including Windows/Dash, Cup Holder, Dash/Vent, Telescoping, and more.

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