Samsung announces gold Galaxy Note 3, and surprisingly, it’s not hideous

Galaxy Note 3 Colors

This year, the color of your smartphone seems to have become almost as important as which processor it uses, or how much internal storage memory it has. Just look at the iPhone 5C for proof, as the shade of its body shell is its primary selling point. Samsung has also pushed more colorful phones out into the world, most recently adding some bright hues to the Galaxy S4 Mini, along with the limited release of a gold Galaxy S4.

Galaxy Note 3 Rose Gold WhiteThe latest Galaxy phone to be brightened up is the Note 3, and once again, Samsung’s tapping into one of the big trends in smartphone colors this year. Yes, you’ll soon be able to buy a gold Note 3, and in a shocking turn of events, it’s far less objectionable than one would expect.

I’m no fan of gold phones, but with the Note 3, it’s only used as an accent color, rather than to excess. It looks rather good. There are two gold models, Rose Gold White and Rose Gold Black, and its only covers the edge of the phone. The leather-look rear cover and the phone’s front panel remains either white or black. This is a different approach to other colored Note 3 devices, where the shade covers the whole phone. In addition to the gold phones, Samsung has also introduced one in Merlot Red.

While the color has been altered, the rest of the Note 3’s specs remain the same, so buyers will get a massive 5.7-inch 1080p screen, a Snapdragon 800 processor, and a 13-megapixel camera. To make sure everything is coordinated, the S Pen stylus will come in a matching color.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed when the new color schemes will filter into stores, nor has it said if any will be exclusives to particular markets.