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Samsung considering Galaxy Tab 10.1 overhaul after seeing iPad 2

Galaxy tab 10.1The upcoming 10-inch Galaxy Tab had drawn comparisons to the iPad2 even before it was unveiled. Now that the world’s gotten its first glimpse of Apple’s new tablet, Samsung is scrambling to get its own anticipated device up to par. In a statement to YonHap News, Samsung executive Lee Don-joo admits, “We will have to improve the parts that are inadequate. Apple made it very thin.”

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Tab 10.1 at Mobile World Congress last month. The Honeycomb tablet was one of the most hyped devices of the entire event, although there were varying hands-on reports. It boasts some impressive specs and puts the iPad 2’s photo capabilities to shame, and is also sleeker than the Xoom. According to reports, most of the issues with the tablet seemed like bugs that would be worked out before the release, which still has yet to be announced. Now, it’s sounding like that day could be pushed back even further.

There’s no doubt that Apple has inarguably brought a contender to the tablet table with the iPad 2, but it’s more than the device itself that is going to put pressure on competitors: It’s the pricing. Which is good news for consumers, as Don-joo also said the iPad’s pricing will influence the Galaxy Tab’s. “The 10-inch (tablet) was to be priced higher than the 7-inch (tablet), but we will have to think that over.”

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If you’re a Galaxy Tab fan, you might be a little wary of what’s about to happen with the product. Samsung’s been teasing a potential new 8.9-inch version (could this be the alleged big tablet introduction at CTIA?) while also overhauling the 10.1. The iPad 2 has Samsung quaking in its boots, which is less than comforting from a tablet-maker that has been one of the notable challengers to the original iPad. Or, perhaps to put a more positive spin on the ordeal, Samsung has been waiting in the wings for iPad 2 unveiling before officially finishing its product and picking a launch date in order to throw everything it’s got at Apple.

At the iPad 2 launch earlier this week, Apple notoriously threw up a screenshot of the Samsung misquote read round the world. “As you heard, our sell-in [of the Galaxy Tab] was quite aggressive…around two million. In terms of sell-out, we believe it was quite small,” Apple CEO Steve Jobs read at the event. In reality, as we all now know, Samsung exec Young-hee Lee had said “quite smooth.” Forbes asked if Samsung had a statement regarding the misprint, to which a spokeswoman said her company “politely declines to comment.”

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