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Samsung E1200 serves an unforeseen purpose as it saves a police officer’s life

samsung e1200 saves police life
Who says old-school phones still don’t have their uses? Certainly not police officer Demar Muaña, whose life was saved by his trusty Samsung E1200, reports CebuDailyNews.

Officer Muaña, along with several other officers, made his way to a treehouse located in a village in San Francisco, Cebu in order to apprehend two suspects alleged to have been dealing drugs in the area. The policemen started to climb when shots were initially fired, with Muaña returning fire, even though he was already injured. According to Muaña, he had to jump off the treehouse because he ran out of bullets.

When the dust settled, police found several small packs of drugs, as well as drug paraphernalia, a gun barrel, a gun magazine, several bullets for a 9mm pistol, and a silencer.

As for Muaña, he would have ended up in the morgue were it not for the Samsung E1200 located in the pocket of his sling bag. Thanks to the phone’s location at the time of the shootout, the phone prevented a bullet from entering the police officer’s heart. As a result, instead of being buried 6 feet below, Muaña is currently being treated for gunshot wounds to his left arm and armpit.

As a cherry on top, senior superintendent Noel Gillamac visited Muaña to offer financial assistance to the wounded officer.

It’s not the first time a Samsung phone made headlines for giving someone a second life, as a Taiwanese man avoided certain death after his Samsung Galaxy Mega prevented a bullet from entering his chest. Not to be outdone, Nokia’s reputation for building solid phones was only enhanced after a Lumia 520 prevented a Brazil police officer from bleeding out after a confrontation with robbers in his mother’s house.

Even Apple’s iPhone prevented a British man from likely meeting his demise after his iPhone 5C took the brunt of a shotgun blast.

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