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Samsung hit with class action lawsuit over Galaxy Note 7 in Canada

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 woes are far from over. A class-action lawsuit was filed against the company in Canada, claiming that because a number of the phones caught on fire, Samsung was negligent because they either knew or should have known that the Note 7 could harm customers.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Canadian residents against both Samsung Canada and Samsung USA and seeks damages as well as a declaration from Samsung that its actions were wrong and misleading. The lawsuit also cites the Consumer Protection Act, as well as the Competition Act.

The plaintiffs in this case are Hannah Shaheen, from Ontario, and Daniel Fuller, a Michigan resident moving to Burlington. According to the couple, they were forced to destroy their phone because the device was banned from flights. Not only that but in the process of destroying the phone, the couple alleges that it caught fire. The couple says they also have not received any form of compensation from Samsung, nor have they received a replacement device.

The lawsuit certainly is not an unexpected one — in fact, it would not be surprising to see more of them pop up over the next few months. Reports of the Galaxy Note 7 catching fire began surfacing shortly after the device went on sale, after which the company began recalling the phone and replacing it with phones that were supposedly fixed. After those replacement devices also began catching fire, Samsung stopped production of the Galaxy Note 7 and recalled all models of the phone. While most people have received refunds or replacements, there are still quite a few Galaxy Note 7s floating around out there and Samsung is frantically trying to find new ways to get customers to bring in their phone.

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