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Where to buy the new Samsung Galaxy S10 range in the U.K.

Samsung Galaxy s10e hands-on

The Galaxy S10 range is yours to buy right now, following a very successful pre-order period in the United Kingdom. How successful? More S10 phones have been pre-ordered than any Samsung phone before it, according to the company, with the S10 Plus taking 57 percent of the sales. The prism black version has proven most popular across the range.

Want to get one for yourself? If you know which model you want, or even if you haven’t decided yet, we’ve gathered together the best U.K. deals here. If you’re in the U.S. and are looking for ways to buy the Galaxy S10, all the best U.S. deals are here.

Pre-orders, prices, and release date

The three Galaxy S10 phones — the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, and the Galaxy S10e — were released on March 8.

How about the prices?

Galaxy S10 — 8GB/128GB costs 800 British pounds. 8GB/512GB costs 1,000 British pounds.

Galaxy S10 Plus — 8GB/128GB costs 900 pounds. 8GB/512GB costs 1,100 pounds. 12GB/1TB costs 1,400 pounds.

Galaxy S10e — 6GB/128GB costs 670 pounds.


Samsung operates its own online store where all the new Galaxy S10 phones are sold. There are three colors to choose from if you buy the Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus — white, black, or green — while the S10e also comes in canary yellow. The prices are all as above, and if you buy through Samsung you get a free wireless charging pad. Samsung also operates a trade-in system, where giving Samsung your old phone could net a discount of up to 300 British pounds on the new model.

Carphone Warehouse

The Galaxy S10 range is available in Carphone Warehouse’s online store and in its retail stores. The prices and color options match those seen on the Samsung website. Trade-in deals are also available and the prices are slightly better than Samsung’s, provided you buy the phone with a new contract.


All Galaxy S10 phones except for the 1TB Galaxy S10 Plus are sold at Argos, all at the same prices as above, and in the standard colors.


If you want to buy a Galaxy S10 with a contract, all major U.K. networks stock the phone and offer various monthly plans.

  • EE is your best bet if you want the Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus with more storage space, as it not only sells the 512GB versions which some other networks do not offer, but also adds a fast wireless charger for free to both. The Galaxy S10e is also sold, and there are trade-in deals, too.
  • Vodafone sells the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10e on various plans. If you’re trading in a phone, and signing a new contract, make sure you check Vodafone’s offer as some phones will also be offered with a discount on your monthly plan.
  • Three sells all Galaxy S10 models at the expected prices, but only has the 128GB version listed online.
  • Like the rest, O2 has all three Galaxy S10 phones at the standard prices, on several monthly plans, and in all colors. There are trade-in deals for your old phone, too.

Should you buy now?

If you need a new phone, and the Galaxy S10 is the one for you, at the moment prices and deals are almost identical regardless of where you buy the phone. You may find slightly better trade-in deals depending on the phone you have, so do take a look at these before making a final decision.

However, if you’re happy to wait for around three months, data from PriceSpy suggests the cost of an S10 phone will fall by 200 British pounds, based on what has happened with previous Galaxy models. PriceSpy shows the Galaxy S9 cost 740 British pounds at launch in March 2018, but cost on average 500 pounds by the end of June — a 35 percent drop. It could be worth holding on for a few months if saving money is more important than getting a replacement phone immediately.

Updated on March 8, 2019: The Galaxy S10 range is now available to buy, and we’ve updated prices and deals accordingly.

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