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Samsung has a cheaper (and greener) way to buy a Galaxy S22

The Galaxy S22 series, especially the Galaxy S22 Ultra, still features some great phones. But to get one now that the Galaxy S23 series is out, you would probably have to settle for a used one, and with that comes some uncertainty.

Samsung has the solution, as the entire Galaxy S22 series of phones has entered its official Certified Re-Newed program, and at lower prices than you would have originally paid.

Galaxy S22 Ultra in Phantom Black with S Pen.
Galaxy S22 Ultra Andy Boxall/DigitalTrends

Samsung succinctly describes what the Certified Re-Newed program is all about:

“Samsung’s Certified Re-Newed program delivers a like-new phone experience at a great value with the same one-year warranty offered on brand new Galaxy smartphones.”

It’s not just a case of putting an old phone in a new box. Samsung goes to considerable efforts to make its Re-Newed phones as good as new. Each phone goes through an inspection program with 132 different checks, during which it’s taken apart and refreshed with genuine Samsung parts, including a brand new battery, and then reassembled. The software is updated to the latest version, and the phone is given a new device ID, so there’s no confusion.

That’s a phone which has met Samsung’s rigorous checks and comes with a new battery, the latest software, and a year’s warranty. It’s also good for the environment, as you’re reusing rather than buying new. What’s more is that you’re also going to save some money. Samsung will sell the Certified Re-Newed Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and Galaxy S22 Ultra through its own online store for the following prices:

  • Certified Re-Newed Galaxy S22 from $619
  • Certified Re-Newed Galaxy S22+ from $769
  • Certified Re-Newed Galaxy S22 Ultra from $919

All three come with a choice of 128GB or 256GB storage space and in the Phantom Black color scheme, while the Galaxy S22 will also come in a green color. All cost at least $100 less than you would have paid for them when they first came out. The Certified Re-Newed Galaxy S22 range will be available from April 22, which is also Earth Day.

Galaxy S21 series

If the Galaxy S22 models are a little too expensive, then on May 1, Samsung will add the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra to the Certified Re-Newed program. They all go through the same process as the S22 phones, but cost even less:

  • Certified from $550
  • Certified from $700
  • Certified from $825

The Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy S21+ come in Phantom Black, while the Galaxy S21 comes in Phantom Gray. To find them, along with the Galaxy S22 range, visit Samsung’s dedicated Certified Re-Newed online store.

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