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McAfee’s antivirus software is coming pre-installed on the Samsung Galaxy S8

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Smartphones are often the target of hacking and malware, but if you’re careful and know what not to do, your device should largely remain safe. Samsung, however, wants to take an extra step of precaution and apparently is shipping versions of its phone with McAfee VirusScan software pre-installed.

The software is shipping on Galaxy S8 devices as part of a partnership between the two companies and there is some debate as to whether or not it is a good thing. Some argue that adding more bloatware to the Samsung Galaxy S8 only frustrates users and takes up extra storage. McAfee, however, might suggest that the extra software helps make your Galaxy S8 safer. Not only that, but the Galaxy S8 is not the only Samsung device to get the software– Samsung computers and smart TVs will also get the treatment.

“Protecting every connected device in your home is absolutely essential today,” John Giamatteo, executive vice president, consumer business group at McAfee, said in a statement. “That’s because if one device is attacked, it puts your entire home network at risk. While that level of protection might sound like a lot of effort, McAfee makes sure that it’s easy. We believe there is power in working with partners like Samsung to build world-class security into devices like smart TVs, PCs, and smartphones so that these devices are protected right out of the box.”

The move is the first McAfee has made since it became its own company. The company was bought out by Intel in 2011, however, Intel announced in April that McAfee would once again be a stand-alone business thanks to a deal it made with TPG Capital. Intel still owns 49 percent of McAfee.

According to McAfee, the software should be helpful for users. The company notes almost 44 percent of consumers are concerned about their financial information being stolen, while 38 percent of consumers are concerned about identity theft. Will the anti-virus software being installed on your phone help avoid those issues? Perhaps in some instances.

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