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The Galaxy Z Flip 5 may steal the Razr Plus’ best feature

Leaked render of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5.
OnLeaks, MediaPeanut

One of the Galaxy Z Flip 5‘s most anticipated features is its larger cover screen, and a new report now suggests that the screen will be just as useful as we’ve been hoping.

According to SamMobile, most, if not all, of the Z Flip 5’s apps will be usable on the rumored 3.4-inch display. This means that Flip 5 owners should have no problem using the outer screen to do just about everything they want with the phone without needing to unfold it. The report also says that Google is working on optimizing its most used first-party apps for the smaller display — namely, YouTube, Google Maps, and Google Messages.

If the report is accurate, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 will be a major step up from the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and other competing foldables like the Oppo Find N2, as apps such as YouTube, Google Maps, Messages, Samsung Wallet, and more will all be fully accessible on and optimized for the 3.4-inch cover display.

Unfortunately, there are still some major questions surrounding how the apps will be used on the Flip 5. Despite how good the report makes the optimized apps sound, it’s a little unclear if the cover screen will only support select apps that have been chosen by Samsung or if any app can be used when the phone is folded shut. If the latter is the case, we’ve seen with the Razr Plus just how useful a foldable can be when given full access to the entire suite of Android apps.

Google Maps on the external display of the Motorola Razr Plus.
Google Maps in full-screen mode on the Razr Plus Joe Maring/Digital Trends

If the Z Flip 5 is able to run as many apps on its cover screen as the Razr Plus does, in addition to having its most popular apps optimized for the smaller screen, it could be shaping up to be one of the absolute best foldable devices ever made. On top of that, the actual hardware running behind the screens is rumored to be excellent, so there’s a lot to be excited about.

However, if the cover screen is limited to a handful of apps chosen by Samsung and Google, it’ll put the Z Flip 5 at an immediate disadvantage compared to its Motorola competition. It’ll be an upgrade over the Flip 4 either way, but here’s to hoping Samsung goes all-in with the cover screen and doesn’t hold it back at all.

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