1 in 4 patents granted cover phones, and Samsung leads the pack


Despite receiving a tremendous blow in the patent world, due to the notorious lawsuit win by Apple, Samsung’s patent pendulum swung back, and with huge success. Last year, it successfully received the most mobile patents — ones that haven’t been contested…yet — and now, the world’s largest mobile manufacturer is also the company that holds more patents than any other on the planet, according to a recent report by mobile analyst Chetan Sharma.

The analysis reviewed more than seven million patents in the U.S. and Europe — where the bulk of all patents are exist as of now — and found that the U.S. accounts for a whopping 72 percent of all mobile patents between the two continents.

What’s even more is that mobile technology is furiously taking the patent world by storm. The study predicts that, by the end of the year, an overwhelming 25 percent of all existing patents will be for mobile technology. To put this into perspective, just 12 years ago, mobile only accounted for a measly five percent. It’s a testament to just how rapidly on-the-go technology is becoming important to so many people, as well as the insane advancements companies are making in the field.

Another reason for the growth can be attributed to the rise in legal action between companies, hoping to dominate the competition, so it gives companies incentive to put in as much effort to come up with their own distinguishable technologies, so they can steer clear of the courtrooms.

Though the U.S. and Europe dominate the patent market, China is fast becoming a contender. In 2011, China’s patent claims jumped up 22 percent, while the U.S. was at just 3.3 percent. Despite the rapid growth, it will likely be some time before the U.S. is overtaken.