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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 may get a 108-megapixel camera

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 has been appearing in the news quite frequently. Continuing that trend, we have another leak from tipster Dohyun Kim. According to Kim, the company’s next foldable will feature a 108-megapixel main camera. Responding to Kim’s tweet, tipster @chunvn8888 said that the camera setup on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will be the same as the S22 Ultra with the exception of the periscope lens. Thus, there’s a possibility that the 108-megapixel sensor on Z fold 4 will be the same as on the S22 Ultra.

Samsung ships Galaxy Z Fold 3 with a 12-megapixel main sensor. Thus it will be a massive upgrade if the rumor turns out to be true. We also recently learned that the device could feature a 10-megapixel camera with 3x optical zoom. So we now have a brief outlook of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 4’s camera setup, which is likely to consist of a 108-megapixel main sensor, a 10-megapixel 3x telephoto lens, and a 12-megapixel ultrawide sensor.

Galaxy Z Fold4 108MP Camera

— Dohyun Kim (@dohyun854) April 9, 2022

Same setup sensor as the S22U, might lack the periscope sensor

— No name (@chunvn8888) April 9, 2022

Samsung is also tipped to bring a 10-megapixel selfie camera to the Galaxy Z Fold 4. It’s still unclear if this is for the cover camera or for the under-display camera inside. The low-resolution 4-megapixel under-display sensor on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is fairly average for a high-end device like this. Thus, an upgrade would seem to be required.

Besides the camera system, the Galaxy Fold 4 is said to feature an improved hinge. As per tipster @Galox_, Samsung will use a single-hinge designthath is supposed to make the device thinner and lighter while bringing down its cost. Tipster Ice Universe also believes that the Fold 4 will be thinner and lighter, so there could be something to this claim. In the same tweet, he denied the possibility of that Galaxy Fold 4 getting an S-pen slot. Earlier this year, we heard reports about the same, but they may not turn out to be true after all.

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