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Sony Xperia Z Ultra event announced for June 25 (Updated)

Sony-Xperia-Tablet-Z-review-logoWe’re used to press events being teased with a minimal amount of information, but usually we’re given something on which to base our speculation, such as Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy and ATIV event, or Huawei’s, “Beauty is Worth Waiting For” tagline. Sony, however, hasn’t made life easy with its invitation to an event held on June 25, at least for those who don’t speak German.

Set to take place in Munich on the above date, the tagline on the invitation, roughly translated says, “Do you want more?” This has set tongues wagging that Sony will reveal a smartphone/tablet hybrid with a big screen, and coincidentally, just such a device has been hanging around the rumor mill for a few weeks.

Previously leaked under the codename Togari, tech blog VR-Zone claims industry insiders have confirmed it’ll be known as the Xperia ZU when it’s announced. The site’s source also says it’ll be packing the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor, running at 2.3GHz, and the 1080p screen will measure 6.44-inches. Sounds massive in every way to us.

We’re not convinced though, as the Togari will almost certainly be a major international release, so it’s surprising Sony has only sent its event invitations out in German, leaving the rest of the world’s media to guess what’s going on. For this reason, we wonder if the event is something more locally focused. A check of Sony’s German website reveals the only device not listed that has already been announced is the Xperia ZR, which isn’t expected to launch in the country anyway. Perhaps Sony will hold several press conferences at the same time, and other invitations will be circulated very soon. The 3pm local time is convenient for Europe, and not that bad for some of the U.S. either, as it’s 9am Eastern.

Sony July 4 Event InvitationWe’ll keep you informed if anything changes between now and then, but otherwise expect all to be revealed on June 25.

Updated on 06/13/2013 at 04:00am by Andy: Another invitation to an international Sony event has shown up, this time in France, and for July 4. The message is similar though, as it asks us to, “Note” the date, something it illustrates with a stylus-like writing instrument. This is joined by a super-slim profile shot of an unknown device, and rather than the Xperia ZU name quoted above, claims the device is the Xperia Z Ultra.

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