Shopping for plans on Sprint? We break down the carrier’s choices

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Sprint is in a dead heat with T-Mobile for offering the cheapest plans of the four major carriers. Its service is also best in cities, but patchy in rural areas. Sprint offers one unlimited data plan, and has a prepaid plan. Here, we break down your options to help you decide which is best for you and your family.

Sprint Unlimited Freedom Plan

People Line cost Data Total
1 $60 Unlimited $60
2 $60 + $40 Unlimited $100
3 $60 + $40 + $30 Unlimited $130
4 $60 + $40 + $30 + $30 Unlimited $160
5 $60 + $40 + $30 + $30 + $30 Unlimited $190

(Editor’s note: These are non-promotional rates.)

Sprint just got rid of its data cap Better Choice plans, meaning the carrier’s unlimited plan is the only postpaid option. It’s the cheapest unlimited data plan you can get, but there are some big caveats to be aware of. Overall, Sprint has struggled in terms of data speeds, and in many areas you’ll get slower data rates than customers on the other three carriers. While Sprint claims video is streamed at HD quality, both gaming and music streaming are cut back. It also recently added 10GB of tethering to its plans, whereas previous versions had none.

The carrier announced a new promotion that will run until June 30, 2018. One line on Unlimited Freedom costs $50, two lines will cost $40 per line ($80), three lines will cost $100, and four lines will cost $30 per line. That would mean four lines on the promotional pricing will cost $120, which is $40 cheaper than what’s currently offered. Again, Sprint says the savings will last until June 30, 2018 — your monthly bill will revert to what’s listed above after that date.

In the end, T-Mobile’s Unlimited Plan costs more, but it offers more perks and fewer drawbacks, and has much better network reliability. Sprint is a good alternative if T-Mobile isn’t available though.


  • If you use lots of data, Sprint’s unlimited plans are a great deal.
  • Don’t pay for add-ons — you probably don’t need them.
  • T-Mobile’s unlimited plans are more expensive, but you’ll have better service and more perks.

The perks of the Sprint Unlimited Plan:

  • Unlimited talk, text, and data in Canada and Mexico, as well as the United States. Unlimited text and data at lower speeds is also available in nearly 180 countries worldwide, though calls cost 20 cents per minute.
  • No overages.
  • Lets you lease some phones so you can get a new one every year.

The downsides of the Sprint Unlimited Plan:

  • Gaming is limited to 8 mbps.
  • Music streaming is limited to 1.5 mbps.
  • Roaming restrictions. Sprint may terminate your service if you regularly use more than 100MB of data roaming. That’s as draconian as we’ve seen among the carriers, but is likely a result of its rock-bottom rate offers.
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