T-Mobile CEO John Legere bashes Amazon/AT&T exclusivity on Twitter

Some people aren’t too hot on the thought that Amazon’s long-awaited smartphone will reportedly be an AT&T-exclusive. You can now add T-Mobile CEO John Legere to the growing list of perplexed people.

Over on Twitter, Legere made a few jabs in response to the report, even bringing up the flop that was 2013’s “Facebook phone”:

The Facebook phone Legere is referring to is the HTC First, the Facebook-centric handset that was exclusive to AT&T. Unfortunately for the First, sales of the handset were so anemic that the carrier cut the price down to $1 before eventually discontinuing it altogether shortly after.

While Legere might have a point in that carrier-exclusive products are bad for consumers, keep in mind that T-Mobile has several exclusives of their own, including the Sony Xperia Z1S.